Watch Sophia Bush Do A Dramatic Reading Of ‘One Tree Hill’

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Sophia Bush is my favorite, that is really all I need to say. If you have read this blog at all though I have a feeling that you probably already knew that. ‘One Tree Hill’ is also one of my favorite shows of all time, I could probably tell you everything about each episode. I watched that shit for nine years, of course I know!

Well today Sophia Bush did a dramatic reading of old ‘One Tree Hill’ clips for Cosmopolitan and it is probably my favorite thing on the internet today.

Honestly the only bad thing about this clip is that it isn’t longer.

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Sophia Bush Returns To Iconic ‘One Tree Hill’ Location

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Sophia Bush has been spending the weekend in Wilmington, NC reliving the days when she lived there during her time on ‘One Tree Hill‘. Every few months EyeCon puts together a reunion event and I believe that this is the third one that Sophia has attended. Different cast members go to every event, it’s a good time for everyone.

Like I said, Sophia is at the specific event that took place over the weekend and she decided to visit on special place, Brooke Davis’ house.

Everyone knew that Brooke was the girl behind the red door. So the fact that the house still has the red door and that Sophia went back to visit, that’s pretty incredible.

She also visited the fountain where Brooke had to help Peyton who was slipped a date rape drug. A very important scene in the Lucas, Brooke, Peyton love triangle.

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James Lafferty Promotes ‘Small Town Crime’ At SXSW

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James Lafferty stepped out  SXSW to promote is latest movie ‘Small Town Crime’. Although there isn’t much information about the movie just yet, other stars are Michael Vartan, Robert Forster, and Octavia Spencer. =

This is probably James’ biggest movie he has been a part of yet.

To be honest, I am basically posting this just so we can all gaze as Nathan Scott, I mean James Lafferty.

Okay, I will stop calling him Nathan because I am sure he is still working on getting out from under that shadow. So far he has starred in a short lived show ‘Crisis’, he also appeared in ‘Underground’, and has even directed episodes of ‘The Royals’.

‘Small Town Crime’ sounds great though! Can’t wait to check it out.

Now check out James.

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James Lafferty Looks Super Hot In Latest Instagram Post

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Like most people I fell in love with James Lafferty while he was playing the jerk turned sweetheart Nathan Scott on ‘One Tree Hill’. It was there that those baby blue eyes and jet black hair really did it for me.

Everyone once in a while I just like to appreciate the man. Is that so wrong? Although he hasn’t done much acting, he has directed a few episodes of ‘The Royals’ since Mark Schwahn is the writer and creator of the show. In case you didn’t know he also created ‘One Tree Hill’ so it makes sense that he and James are so close.

Well last night James went on Instagram and posted a super hot photo. His shirt half buttoned, messy hair, holding a paddle, I mean I could keep going.

Here you go, and you’re welcome for your James Lafferty update.

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Strayin' 🇦🇺🍻

A post shared by James Lafferty (@jameslafferty) on

Can we just take a moment to appreciate that defined chest and perfectly scruffy jawline?

God bless.

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Man Crush Monday: James Lafferty

Over the weekend there was a ‘One Tree Hill’ reunion and I just can’t stop looking at all of the pictures. The show brings such nostalgia back to me and honestly, it reminds of how good looking James Lafferty is. I mean seriously, look at him. Plus he is super talented, since he left ‘One Tree Hill’ he has done a few different stints on different shows but he seems to be getting more into directing, since he has directed a few episodes of E!’s smash his ‘The Royals’.

One thing about James is that he has always been very private about his life. He isn’t one of those celebrities who feels the need to show off. You’re more likely to find him hanging out in Wisconsin because they are his favorite college sport team rather than being on a red carpet somewhere.

With those baby blue eyes, that sweet smile, and dark features? You just can’t go wrong!

Nathan Scott over Lucas Scott, all day.

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James Lafferty & Chad Michael Murray Have A ‘One Tree Hill’ Reunion!

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Oh the Scott brothers, most women in their early 20’s first crushes. Well not first crushes, but maybe first fictional character obsession? Maybe I am just talking about myself, but I don’t care, you know what I am saying. Personally, I was always way more of a Nathan girl because Lucas was a low key fuck boy, but I can respect either choice.

Over the weekend James Lafferty and Chad Michael Murray hung out in Chicago at a ‘One Tree Hill‘ fan convention. The cast seems to get together fairly often for these events but rarely do both Scott brothers go together. I think it has only happened one other time.

Luckily for us, Chad Micheal Murray was able to sneak in a selfie with James Lafferty, and both men seriously are just getting better looking with age, it doesn’t even make sense how attractive they are.

Even though I know it will probably never happen, I will always hope that Netflix decides to bring this show back, just for  a few episodes.

On a more important note though. Which would you rather? James or Chad? I have to go with James all the way.

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Chad Michael Murray & Sarah Roemer Are Reportedly Expecting Their Second Child!

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According to US Weekly One Tree Hill actor Chad Michael Murray and his wife Sarah Roemer, who starred in Fired Up, are expecting their second child! The two of them are a fairly private couple, although they do post photos of each other on Instagram from time to time.

The couple got married last year and then quickly announced after that Sarah was pregnant with their first child. They couple met on the set of Chosen, which I think was an internet show? Not on Netflix or Hulu or anything, just somewhere on the internet, I’m not sure.

As I said before the couple have a son who is 18 months old, and like I said before they are private so we don’t even know the name of their little guy. They simply refer to him as Baby Murray on social media.

Congrats to the happy couple!

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Sophia Bush Remembers Beloved Dog Patch In Beautiful Post

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If you’re a Sophia Bush fan you know one thing, she loves her dogs. Yup, Sophia is an advocate about adopting pets and she started with Patch. A dog that was often seen on the set of ‘One Tree Hill’ and often seen traveling with her. He was in a lot of Instagram posts, her Snapchat stories, and he was her first rescue.

Losing a pet is never easy, the become family and clearly these two shared a special bond. Grab your tissues while you read this because, you’re going to need them.

I said goodbye to my best friend yesterday. I don’t quite have the words yet, but the condolences are coming in fast as the word has spread. Thank you to everyone who loved Patch, and is sending that love my way. He changed a lot of lives, truly. I watched this dog soothe people, heal people, help people, and make people laugh, squeal, and grin with happiness. He was one in a million. Yesterday my loved ones and I made sure to give him#PatchsVeryBestDay. And today being #NationalDogDay feels like such a sweet coincidence. I think he’d like that. Thank you P. You are so missed. ❤️🙏🏼

In his honor I’d like to encourage anyone out there who is thinking about getting a dog to rescue. Check out groups like PAWS Chicago Rescue,Wags and Walks, NKLA, or search animal rescue centers in your hometown. I promise, it’ll make your life better. (credit)

Rest in peace Patch.

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James Lafferty Looks Incredible For Bello Magazine


Oh. My. God. James Lafferty is seriously one of the hottest actors in Hollywood that doesn’t get nearly enough credit. Thank you to and BELLO Magazine for posting all of these shots because I don’t know where I would even get this magazine.

My lord James Lafferty though, he just gets better with age. I remember back when he was 17 and just starting on ‘One Tree Hill’ I thought he was an absolute babe, now I mean. He is a smokeshow. Let’s be real. That jawline, those pouty lips, those blue eyes, is there anything better than that?

Let’s hope that James is going to be in more stuff soon because I miss seeing him on my television.

Also, I will always post about anyone from ‘One Tree Hill’ so if there is news about a cast member, I will post about that. Keep it in mind!


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Nathan over Lucas all day, that’s all I can say.

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James Lafferty is directing an episode of The Royals

James Lafferty recently revealed that he was going to be directing an episode of The Royals which is no surprise since One Tree Hill mastermind Mark Schwann is the creator of the show. Since the show has ended Mark and James have been spotted hanging out often, still remaining close after the cameras stopped rolling.

James isn’t a veteran by any means when it comes to directing but he did direct four episodes of One Tree Hill, so he must have some idea as to what is going on.

I wish he was going to star in the show because damn I miss seeing James Lafferty on my television. Come on Mark, get him to be on the show!

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