Women Crush Wednesday: The Final Five

US women's gymnastics team wins gold in Rio

Now I haven’t done a woman, or in this case Women Crush Wednesday in a very long time, but I think that it is time. This is an important because the American women’s gymnastics team is incredible. That’s be real, these young women are incredible role models.

The final five, which they named themselves since they will be the final team that historic Olympic coach Marta Karolyi will coach, and after this year there will be only four gymnasts to each team.

The team is comprised of Aly Raismen, Simone Biles, Gabby Douglas, Madison Kocain, and Laurie Hernandez, all ranging in age from 22 to 16.

All of these women come from different backgrounds, different cultures, and it is incredible to see them all work together as a team. Yes, they have only individual events but watching these girls sitting on the sidelines cheering their team on has been beautiful none the less.

These five young women have truly inspired a country by winning gold in the Olympics.

Congrats and thank you for bringing home the gold!

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Carmelo Anthony Wants Nothing To Do With The US Men’s Olympic Basketball Team Sing-a-long!

Who doesn’t love to jam out to Vanessa Carlton on a long trip? Carmelo Anthony, that’s who.

Toronto Raptors player DeMar DeRozan posted teh vide of the whole team getting in on the singalong, but Carmelo Anthony looked like a grumpy cat just sitting there not joining in.

I highly reccomend you watch the video because it is pretty funny.

Good luck in Rio!

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Katy Perry Releases ‘Rise’ The New Olympics Hype Song

Katy Perry is apparently putting out this years American anthem for the Olympics! Last time it was “Home” by Phillip Phillips, so they wanted to get Katy in on the mix, I get it.

Interesting how all of this drama between Calvin and Taylor happened, Katy was brought into it, and now she has a brand new single. I am not calling it a PR move, but I am not saying it wouldn’t be a great marketing move.

Word on the street is that this is just a sample of her new album that is expected to be released by the end of 2016.

I am not a huge fan of Katy’s music but apparently she wrote this simply for the Olympics so good for it!

It is also already number 2 on the ITunes chart, just behind Britney’s newest song!

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Michael Phelps Gets Charges With DUI

Michael Phelps Arrested for DUI, Says He's 'Deeply Sorry'

Last night well early morning Michael Phelps was pulled over in Baltimore for going 85 in a 45 and for crossing over the double lines in the road. Is anyone really surprised by this though? Michael Phelps is basically an Olympic hero since he won a ton of medals and broke records, but what can he do now? I don’t believe he will be swimming in the next summer Olympics, his career is super over.

Of course Phelps is going to be drinking like crazy now, what else does he have? He will probably end up doing commentary at the next Olympics but he wont be swimming and living his life in the water! He will just be there talking about how some people had taken his spot in the swimming lanes.

Phelps, I understand why you are drinking heavily but don’t drive!

U.S. Olympian Gus Kensworthy Adopts Sochi Stray Puppies



Yahoo – A day before he won silver in a historic American podium sweep in slopestyle skiing, Olympic skier Gus Kenworthy arranged plans to adopt a family of stray dogs he found in Sochi. The dogs have been a big story throughout the Olympics. The Russian government hired a firm to poison the strays before the games. That was met with a serious backlash, and a Russian billionaire set a plan in motion to save as many dogs as possible. Kenworthy is doing his part to make sure the dogs find a suitable home. Here are the dogs he found near in the media center in the mountain village, according to USA Today: USA Today’s Rachel Axon that he’s serious about adopting them and bringing them back to the U.S., where he already has owners lined up. Kenworthy has already arranged for kennels and is trying to get them vaccinated on Monday. Getting the puppies on a plane is not difficult, he said, because he can put two to a kennel. Bringing their mother might be harder because of different requirements for adult dogs.’I’m trying,’ he said. ‘I’m doing what I can.’” Well Gus Kenworthy is now officially my favorite Olympian.

So let’s be real right now, Gus Kensworthy is the hottest story of the Olympics right now, right? I mean I haven’t watched even one second of the games and I heard about this guy. I am not exactly sure what he does or anything like that but now I know one thing. I want him to get a medal in every single race he is in.

I also think it is a well known fact that all these Olympians living in these condos all sleep together. You can say that they don’t but they do, everyone knows it. Can you imagine how much action this guy is going to be getting? Now only is he good looking but he just rescued a bunch of puppies. Ladies love puppies!

On a more serious note, I was sick to my stomach hearing about Sochi poisoning all their stray dogs, it really disgusted me. It is nice someone was able to step up and help out some pooches like they deserve to be helped out.

Gold medal for you in my book Gus Kenworthy!

The Olympics Just Got A Whole Lot Better! T.A.T.U Will be Performing During Opening Ceremonies!

MOSCOWThe fake lesbian Russian pop act t.A.T.u., who enjoyed global popularity in the mid-2000s, will perform at the Sochi Olympics’ opening ceremony on Feb. 7, the Russian media reported. According to reports, which quoted eyewitnesses of the ceremony’s rehearsals, Lena Katina and Yulia Volkova will sing their biggest international hit, “Not Gonna Get Us.” During the performance of the track, the Russian Olympic squad is to enter the ceremony, at Fisht Olympic Stadium.

I am one of those people who really don’t give a fuck about the Olympics unless the Spice Girls are riding around the stadium in buses,that is the only games I will watch. Maybe this will make the whole Russia bullshit a little more fun though! I mean doesn’t their owner, I don’t know what he is, the leader hate gays? I pray that these girls make out on stage, even if they aren’t really lesbians!

I guess that they are going to sing ‘Not Gonna Get Us’ which is a really good song, I just wish that they would sing ‘All The Things She Said’ because that would be pretty incredible, right?

I will be tuning in for this and the bobsled races, because you doesn’t love a good bobsled race?

U.S. Olympic Hockey Team Has The Cutest Mascot Ever!


ImageSo I have spent enough time talking about how crazy Bieber is it is time to switch it up. This is the freaking mascot for the U.S. Olympic hockey team! Can we just talk about how cute this little puppy is? Just the happiest little Husky in the whole wide world! How can we lose with this little guy on his team?

I would score 100 points if that meant that I got to hug that puppy after every single game! Let’s just hope this little puppy brings the US a ton of luck for the games.

Tom Daley dives out of the closet.


Tom Daley, 19, is best known for being a diver on the England Olympics team back a few summers ago. Personally I had no idea who he was but that didn’t matter! You want to know what? He is out now! Well he is half out. He says he still likes girls but he is with a guy! I don’t know I feel like it is just a matter of time before his other half comes out of the closet. I mean this little man is clearly gay, look how manicured he is! He is such a little cutie!

More power to him though, people are apparently freaking out but it’s not like you are having sex with the same sex so it isn’t your business. Congrats Tom and may you and your new boo thang have a good time together!