Is Olivia Culpo Dating New England Patriots Player Danny Amendola?

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Could this potentially be one of the hottest couples in sport history? I mean I didn’t know you could upgrade from Nick Jonas but Olivia Culpo did it! She is dating one of the hottest football players of all time. Well, maybe dating one of the hottest football players of all time.

Truth is that it hasn’t even been confirmed if this is actually Danny Amendola but I mean, it looked exactly like him and they are wearing Patriot helmets. So I am going to make a safe assumption that it is him. Olivia is also originally from Rhode Island and Danny currently lives there, so again, all signs point to yes!

In case you didn’t know here is a picture of Danny without the helmet, but I think that there is a serious similarity between him and the guy in the helmet.

She also posted a picture of her rocking a Patriots helmet without anyone else in it. After some digging Danny is also the only Patriot player that Olivia follows on Twitter.

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