MTV Is Bringing ‘TRL’ Back!

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Know what one of my favorite childhood memories was? Being in the crowd at ‘TRL’, that’s right little six year old me pushed my way through the streets of New York, okay my dad did, but I pushed my way through and got to see Damien Fahey through the large window of the ‘TRL’ studios as he waved to the crowd.

It looks like MTV knows how hot nostalgia is right now though because they are bringing back the show that made it all happen. It made music videos happen, it made superstars happen, just a show that absorbed all of the pop culture it possibly could.

MTV recently announced that they would be starting the pop culture phenomenon back up in October. It will be in New York City but it doesn’t look like it will be in the same studio which is a damn shame.

The channel announced that they will be on television as well as other social media platforms.

No, I will not be a host and I am pissed.

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Kanye West & Donald Trump Hang Out In NYC

Just when you thought 2016 couldn’t get any weirder, it happened. Actually, maybe this makes a lot of sense. The two most narcissistic people who love Twitter rants hanging out. According to Trump the two of them have been friends for a long time and Kanye recently told the crowd he would have voted for Trump if he voted, even though the whole Kardashian clan were very vocal about supporting Hillary.

Reports are saying that Kanye met with Trump because he wants to help the President elect try and clean up the streets of Chicago. Yeezus wants to lend his voice to try and work with Trump when he becomes President, that is kind of admirable right?

As most people know Kanye was recently released from the hospital after a very public breakdown on stage, so it only makes sense to fly to New York right after he gets out of the hospital, right?

Can we talk about how Kanye is blonde now?

So many questions about this, so many, yet some how I don’t want answers. I just want to use my imagination about their conversation.

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Joe Jonas & Sophie Turner Spotted Taking A Stroll In NYC

Sophie Turner, Joe Jonas

Things seem to be heating up between Joe Jonas and Games of Thrones star Sophie Turner. The two were spotted taking a stroll in New York City on Wednesday, leaving the same hotel together.

The two were spotted at the MTV Europe Music Awards last month, sitting next to each other and Joe leaning in for a few kisses. Word on the street is that Sophie has had a crush for a long time and Joe is starting take being with her more seriously.

No word on whether or not they spent Thanksgiving together, but I am going to guess that they did.

Joe is clearly sticking to his type, tall blondes that are out of his league.

Boom, roasted.

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Henry Cavill Wears Superman Shirt Next To Billboard And Nobody Cares

Cheeky: Henry Cavill posted a hilarious video of him going completely unnoticed as he hung out in Times Square wearing a Superman T-shirt next to huge billboards of his upcoming blockbuster 

Yesterday Henry Cavill decided to see if anyone would notice him in Times Square if he was to wear a Superman shirt and stand right by the giant billboard located there. The funny thing about it? Nobody noticed him and nobody cared at all.

It looks like Clark Kent wearing his glasses could in fact change how Superman looks considering nobody noticed the fact Superman was right there, next to his Superman billboard. Hilarious stuff if you ask me.

I can’t believe that nobody even stopped to check him out and then realized who he was.Henry Cavill is a babe for sure.

To be fair I don’t think anyone in New York would notice any famous person. Everyone is always running from place to place and making eye contact would be something friendly people do, not New Yorkers.

Casual: The Man of Steel star took a close-up selfie next to one of the gigantic movie posters

Coffee to go? The British star even brazenly chilled in a coffee shop, going completely incognito 

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Miley & Kellan are totally bumpin uglies!


Most people have no idea who Kellan Lutz with but he is one of the best kept secrets in the world. Seriously, Kellan Lutz is fucking gorgeous and I am proud of my girl Miley if this is true. So he showed up at the Jingle Ball concert in NYC and now he was just spotted coming off of Miley’s private jet from Miami. Now at first I thought that it was just random but I would like to think differently. My first point is, do you really think that Miley would let some random onto her plane? No, I don’t think so.

I read somewhere that a website said that today would be random, which isn’t true at all. Let’s see she just broke up with Liam, a tall hot blonde dude. Guess what Kellan is? A tall, hot and buff blonde guy. I mean come on, that is basically a match made in heaven. He is fucking gorgeous. She is gorgeous.

In my opinion I think Miley should settle down with him because why the fuck not? It would stop rumors about her and Juicy J and shit like that. Anyway, brava Miley, Kellan is easily one of the hottest guys in Hollywood that isn’t recognized enough.