Today We Celebrate Three Years Of Fifth Harmony!

I can remember watching these ladies on the show X-Factor and knowing that they had something incredible. At the beginning I would say that they were a bit of a dark horse, but they came out of it the best out of anyone else that made it through the short lived X-Factor USA. I will give it to them, they put in some serious work and made a name for themselves.

Listen I am a 24 year old and I feel pretty old when I listen to Fifth Harmony but how can you not love them? The one thing I love about them is the fact they all have good voices. It isn’t like one is the only singer of the group, their voices just blend together so well!

So happy third birthday to this group and I feel like we will be hearing about them for many years to come!

Dare I say the potential next Spice Girls? Well there it is, I said it.