Meghan Trainor Removes ‘Me Too’ Music Video Due To Photoshopping

Meghan Trainor pulled her ‘Me Too’ video because apparently in the final edit her waist was photoshopping. Meghan came out and said that her waist isn’t as small as it appears in the video, and I respect that. Someone had the fucking audacity to manipulate her body without her even knowing about it, that is absolutely disgusting if you ask me.

The more Meghan sticks around the more I like her, that simple. She is true to herself and she is bringing back the 90’s pop sound, so I can’t be mad about that at all.

Keep killing it Meghan, love you girl.

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Meghan Trainor Releases Music Video For ‘No’

Oh Meghan Trainor I walk the fine line between being obsessed with you and not being able to stand you. When I first heard this song I hated it, I couldn’t stand it at all but a few plays later and I love it. I swear there are some brainwashing words under your lyrics, I am sure of it. This has happened with all of your songs, except ‘Dear Future Husband’ I am all set with that song.

‘No’ has such a 90’s feel to it and I am obsessed. The beat in the background is so good, I do wish there were more than like four lines of song, but I guess I can forgive Meghan because most of her songs are repetitive and I shouldn’t really expect much mroe than that out of her, although she is a crazy talented vocalist that doesn’t show just how talented she is.

Big fan, I feel like I really shouldn’t be a big fan but I am. I know deep down this music isn’t really great music but it is so catchy you have to sing along and dance to it.

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