Why Are People Mad That Alicia Keys Decided To Go Makeup Free At The VMAs?

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Why are people mad at Alicia Keys right now? No, seriously, why are people mad at her? Oh, you mean they are mad because a natural beauty decided to go natural at an awards show? Get a fucking life people.

Apparently there are people out there who are actually upset that Alicia decided to not wear make up. Just so everyone knows, Alicia Keys put out a statement a while back about how she was done wearing make up because she wanted to embrace being herself. She didn’t say that wearing makeup was bad, she isn’t anti makeup. She has just decided that she doesn’t want to wear it anymore.

Anyone who has an issue with this needs to take a fucking seat.

Alicia has absolutely nothing to prove to haters. She is one of the greatest singers of our time, she is one of the greatest songwriters, and she is beautiful. It’s not saying that people who wear makeup are ugly, it’s simply saying that she has chosen to embrace the art of not wearing make up. After being told for so long she has to look a certain way, she is taking the reigns.

I am all about this look, you go Alicia. Show off those freckles, don’t hide your “flaws”. You know what? We should be applauding her for being comfortable in her own skin to no longer wear make up. I think it is a pretty ballsy move if you ask me.

Alicia, I am inspired. Thank you.

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