Gwen Stefani Brings Bullied Fan Up On Stage!

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I understand that people find Gwen Stefani annoying. I get that but let’s be real, Gwen is a sweetheart. On “The Voice” she never says anything negative, or at least always tries to find the positive and she is good to her fans. She always had been good to her fans and if you dislike her because of who she dates, you’re a dick.

Last night (July 27th) Gwen read a sign that was being held and it explained that this woman’s son was bullied, and that Gwen’s music helped him through it. That was enough for Gwen to pull him up on stage and bring him backstage as well.

Say what you will about Gwen but I genuinely believe that she has an awesome heart.

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Gwen Stefani & Blake Shelton Make It Official!

So the other day I wrote a post trying to figure out what exactly Blake and Gwen were. If it was all rumors or what, but apparently they are together. Last night both Gwen and Blake’s reps confirmed that they were a couple. Now they confirmed it like two hours before the CMA awards, can you believe that? I mean I get being a couple and all of that, but poor Miranda. Yeah I will say that! She finds out her ex-husband has a new girlfriend right before she has to perform on national television? That is cold.

This happened pretty quick though, right? I mean the ink is barely dried on each of those divorce papers which makes me wonder. You know what I am thinking, right? Was something going on before the divorces even happened? Now I am not saying that anything did happen, I am just stating some observations!

This couple is very odd to me. I love Gwen, I think Gwen is a badass punk rock chick who can skateboard. All of Blake’s songs describe his perfect woman being someone who can hang out at home in front of a fire on the farm or something. This just all seems odd to me, very planned out.

Are ‘The Voice’ ratings slipping or something? Is that why this is happening? Could this odd couple actually work out?

Tell me what you think here!

Also I am weirdly fascinated by this couple, I have no idea why but I seriously can’t get enough!

Gwen Stefani And Gavin Rossdale Are Getting Divorced!

Honestly guys, what is happening? I am serious. Why are all these incredible couples filing for divorce? Apparently it was Gwen who filed the papers and also said that she didn’t want to give any spousal support to Gavin. I am just, I am really upset. First Jen and Ben, now this? Why?!

If these two could get through the fact that Gavin found out he had a love child, like three years into their marriage I thought that they could get through anything. I really thought that they were in it for the long haul, I guess I was wrong. I am not sure of anything anymore! These two were perfect, at least I thought that they were perfect. They just kept popping out awesome punk rock kids, living their lives. Actually, I know who to blame. I blame ‘The Voice’, apparently that was a big factor with Blake and Miranda.

Really though, I hope that they are able to have a some what low key divorce since they were a very low key couple. But I will say if you cheated Gavin, I am coming for you! Gwen is my homie.

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