Iggy Azalea Takes To Twitter About Break Up With Nick Young

I actually feel really bad for Iggy, she gets so much hate. People literally go up to her and tell her that she ruined rap. Listen, rap has been ruined since Soulja Boi, so people can back up. I personally don’t even like her music much but guess what? She made her money and she still has a pretty solid fan base, so she can in fact make a come back, I believe that.

Anyway, she decided to open up on Twitter about why her and Nick broke up. There have been rumors going around that he got his ex pregnant and Iggy clearly has had enough.

You have to feel bad for her, right? Yes, she has a lot more money than us normal folk will probably ever see, but that was the man she was going to marry. He openly admitted to cheating on her and she took him back, then he continued to cheat. She looks like a fool and that’s honestly too damn bad.

All that I can say is that right now Iggy is Australia for Australia’s Got Talent, or X-Factor, one of those shows, so you go find yourself and Aussie hottie. Literally everyone from there is atractive.

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Iggy Azalea & Nick “Swaggy P” Young End Their Engagement

I am seriously so sick of couples announcing breakups on social media. There is nothing more annoying in my opinion. You aren’t married, you’re simply breaking up. No more engagement, move on.

That’s what Nick gets for being a cheater though, right? Iggy can’t trust him, so she kicked him to the curb. Let me clear that any 30 year old man who continues to be called “Swaggy P” can not be taken seriously.

Good for you Iggy, I am glad that you realized cheaters rarely change their spots.

Here is their announcement

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D’Angelo Russell Films Nick Young Allegedly Admitting To Cheating On Iggy Azalea


Well, it looks like D’Angelo Russell broke “bro code” and now every player on the Lakers hate him. Why you ask? A recent video came out that D’Angelo recorded as a supposed prank, where Nick Young admits to bringing a girl home from the club.

Apparently D’Angelo did this as a prank because Nick had no idea he was being filmed, but I don’t see how this is a prank? I mean is it funny to film someone admitting to cheating on their fiancee and then post it on SnapChat? I really have no idea.

You can hear Nick stating that he is 30 and the girl brought home was 19.

According to reports there has been a serious rift because of this, “bro code” and locker room talk aren’t meant to be broken!

After reading some of these comments on different articles it is pretty disgusting. People say that all basketball players are cheaters and Iggy is stupid for being with one at all. I mean, maybe she fell in love guys, I am sure she wasn’t aware that her soon to be husband was bringing home girls from the club. That’s just what I think though.

Iggy hasn’t made an official comment about the video but she did tweet.

No word on whether that was sarcasm or what, no word on whether or not the engagement is over. All that has been confirmed is that no one cares about Iggy and how she is probably heartbroken, everyone is just mad that D’Angelo broke the “bro code”.

Also, Amber Rose shout out at the end, apparently Nick never tried because she knows Iggy.

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