Is Nick Jonas Dating Demi Moore?

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First of all I am not buying this relationship at all, second of all it’s the wrong Demi. If Nick was going to date any Demi it would be Demi Lovato and we all know this!

Radar Online is trying to say that Rumor Willis set Nick and Demi up on a blind date, and now they are very into each other. I know that Nick doesn’t mind dating older women, he dated Kate Hudson for a second, but Demi is 55!

For the record I am not trying to shame Demi Moore for her age, I hope that I look that good when I turn 30 let alone 55, she’s a babe.

I am just saying that if this rumor is actually true I might die. I might actually have a heart attack and die. Something none of us want, right?

This is bananaland and I really hope this isn’t true.

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Nick Jonas Releases “Remember I Told You” Music Video – Watch Here!

So this music video was fun. That’s really all that I can say about it. I don’t have too many feelings about it other than it was a fun video.

Nick really didn’t knock it out of the park with this one though. It almost sounds like he was trying so hard to sound like Drake his lost his own vibe in the process of it all.

I am also curious why Nick wanted Mike Posner to be relevant so bad. I mean he had “I Took A Pill In Ibiza” but other than that he hasn’t been relevant in such a long time. Just let him fade out like most trends to Nick!

I want to shake Nick’s manager. That’s all I can say.

Stop trying to make Nick sound like Drake, let him use those vocals he has. Let him sing a fucking ballad and make everyone fall, no kneel at his feet.

Weak introduction to his big comeback to music, that’s all I can say.

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Nick Jonas Releases New Song “Remember I Told You” – Listen Here!

Know who I want to slap? Whoever manages Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato. These two are incredible singers and deserve more credit in the music industry, but they always struggle to climb charts and all of that bullshit.

Nick and Demi, get a better team around you!

On Friday Nick dropped a new song “Remember I Told You”, and it’s not his best. Nick can sing, he can hit notes but this song? It’s messy.

I understand that everyone wants to put out club music and some of it is awesome, but let’s get back to showing off vocals rather than having catchy beats.

This song is catchy but that doesn’t make it good. It just means you’ll most likely nod your head to it.

It just sounds like he is trying to sound like Drake.

What do you think of the song? Sound off in the comments!

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Nick Jonas Joins Shania Twain At Stagecoach For A “Party For Two”

Nick Jonas has always been very open about his love for the country Goddess we all know as Shania Twain.

Well last night it looks like Nick got to perform alongside his country crush while they sang “Party For Two”.

I don’t think that Nick will be making a jump into country any time soon but I have to admit that I love this collaboration.

In case you weren’t aware, Shania is planning on releasing a new album this September I believe, her first studio album in ten years.

Check out the performance below!

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Nick Jonas Looks Super Handsome At The 2017 Vanity Fair Oscars After Party

Last night was of course the biggest night for movies but know what is awesome about when the show ends? Well first of all you can go to bed, but if you’re famous and not an actor, you get to enjoy the after party!

Nick Jonas walked the red carpet at the Vanity Fair Oscars after party.

Let’s be real, Nick is one of the hottest guys in Hollywood. Maybe I should say young Hollywood because I don’t want to compare him to Dwayne Johnson although they will both be starring in the ‘Jumanji’ remake.

He showed up with Demi and his brother Joe, don’t worry, I will cover Demi too, Joe? I won’t cover him. Not sorry.

Check out Nick breaking it down at the party though.

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Was Nick Jonas’ Outfit The 2017 GRAMMYs A Hit Or Miss?

Listen, Nick Jonas is most definitely in my top ten hottest guys in Hollywood, so it says a lot if I say that he doesn’t look good.

Let me be more clear, his face looks great, I love the stubble and I love the haircut he is rocking. That jacket though? That jacket is burn in hell. There I said it! Nick, what are you doing? You could worn a sleek suit but no, you went with that coat? Fire your stylist right now!

So I am going to answer my own question. This outfit is a miss, a big miss. Again, I love his face, his stubble, his haircut but that fucking jacket? I’m sorry, I can’t with that.

He looks like a sad cowboy or something like that.

Tell me what you think!

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The ‘Fifty Shades Darker’ Soundtrack Features Nick Jonas, Nicki Minaj, John Legend, & More!

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There is a 100% chance that I will no be seeing this movie but there is a pretty good chance that I am going to need some of the songs off of this soundtrack.

I already know that I don’t like the Zayn  and Taylor Swift song. Their voices just don’t mesh well together in my opinion. Maybe if he didn’t sing so high it would have worked out a little better, but he did and now it is ruined.

This Nick Jonas and Nicki Minaj collaboration though? Why didn’t we know about this sooner! I know that they thought they could probably get more publicity through Zayn and Taylor (which they were right about), but I bet Nick and Nicki’s song is going to be fire.

Having Halsey on the soundtrack is also a big step in the right direction for all parties involved. She also announced it will be released on Friday, so we will be able to hear it sooner rather than later!

Some other notable names on the list, John Legend, Sia, Tove Lo, The Dream, and Anderson East.

The soundtrack will be released the same day as the movie, February 10th.

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Nick Jonas Looks More Muscular Than Ever!

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Most people know that Nick Jonas has a really, really incredible body. It has been documented heavily on his own social media as well.

Well, he is looking more buff than ever and I am into it. Then again I am into most things that Nick Jonas does, from his music to his looks, I am a real fan. It looks like hanging out with Dwayne Johnson on the ‘Jumanji’ set motivated the singer/actor to get even bigger.

On his snapchat he usually snaps from the gym showing how he is in there twice a day to prepare for the new season of ‘Kingdom’, a show where he plays a UFC fighter.

Last night Nick Jonas took to Instagram to show off his newly chiseled arms and well, he is looking bigger than ever.

Thank you for blessing us with this Nick.

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Nick Jonas Covers Latest “Men’s Fitness” Magazine

Now I don’t know if I am about to use this phrase right but I am going to try.Nick Jonas is an absolute thirst trap. Did that make sense? I really tried to use that term correctly.

Basically if Nick Jonas shows his abs, all of the thirsty women and men out there will be game for it. I mean look at this photo. Holy shit. Nick Jonas is all grown up and he wanted to continue to remind us of that, I am here to be reminded daily if he wants to continue to the shirtless photos, I will not be mad. I fall for the thirst trap every single time.

Congrats on making the cover though Nick! Keep on being the hottest Jonas brother!

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Nick Jonas Releases Music Video For “Champagne Problems”

This song is definitely one of my favorite Nick Jonas songs. I love the beat, the lyrics, all of it. This music video is like, it’s okay I guess?

It was probably filmed while he was on tour and they just wanted to get something filmed, which makes sense.

So yeah, A+ for the song and a solid C for the music video.

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