Watch Niall Horan Perform “This Town” On ‘Ellen’

Niall Horan showed up on his twin Ellen‘s show and took some time to perform his new song “This Town”, and he even stuck around to play a game of who would you rather.

Honestly, I love this song and I am glad that Niall is showing off his personality big time in his solo interviews. He just seems like a sweet guy who likes to joke around.

For the record, he sounds incredible live too, it sounds exactly like the recording.

Niall has won me over, that’s for sure. He just keeps getting better looking and seems more comfortable on his own in every interview.

I have to say, it’s kind of funny that we know he hooked up with Ellie in the past and she is his soulmate according to Ellen.

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Watch Niall Horan Perform “This Town” For The First Time!

Niall Horan is like a cute blonde Ed Sheeran, right? Niall performed his first solo song “This Town” for the first time over the weekend and he absolutely killed it. Homeboy can sing, whether you like the song or not you have to admit that. He sounds great live!

He did a great job live and he played the guitar absolutely perfectly. I have a feeling that his solo album will be great, whenever that comes out. He will definitely be going down a more folk sound rather than following the more pop route that One Direction obviously took.

Get it Niall!

Also, I wish I could watch the Graham Norton Show live, unfortunately I live in America but I will love all the clips I can possibly watch. It just seems like such a good time.

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Zayn Malik Wants To Remind Everyone That He Is Relevant!

Oh hello Zaddy Zayn Malik. Popping up on Instagram with this fire selfie after Niall Horan dropped his first solo track. You ain’t slick Zayn! Just because you were the first to go solo doesn’t mean you can be out here trying to take the spotlight away from angelic Niall!

Now of course Zayn could have just wanted to post a selfie to show off his freshly shaven face to the world, but I don’t see it like that. I see it as him wanting to get into people’s heads. He was the first one to leave One Direction and that’s that! Maybe he doesn’t want Niall to get all the spotlight today?

If you look through his Instagram he rarely posts selfies, he will post pictures from red carpets or photoshoots but never really selfies. It is just interesting timing if you ask me. Even if you didn’t ask me, I am still telling you.

Niall is hot right now Zayn, you are had your moment in your solo hotness but you couldn’t get over your anxiety to perform. Let Niall be.

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Niall Horan Releases His First Official Solo Song ‘This Town’!

Photo published for Niall Horan Releases Debut Solo Single 'This Town'

So we were teased earlier about when Niall Horan would be dropping ‘This Town’, looks like he couldn’t wait any longer!

I think that this song is very sweet and acoustic like I thought it would be. It is just a very sweet song that I could listen to it all day. At least you can understand what he is saying!

Solid solo song! I will say that it kind of reminds me of One Direction, but that’s fine. The song is written by him, so that’s impressive.

Solo Niall, I am into it! The more I listen to this song, the more I love it. It’s just so freaking sweet.

What do you think of the song? Let me know!

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Niall Horan May Be Releasing Solo Song ‘This Town’ Tonight!

Never in a million years did I think that Niall Horan would be the first one out of the remaining four left in One Direction to release a solo song. I truly thought that Harry or Liam would beat him to the punch. Looks like I was wrong though!

Personally, I think that Niall’s music is going to be great! I can picture him having a more acoustic sound like Ed Sheeran, since the two are best friends.

Rumors started swirling about this release due to a deleted tweet by Radio Disney.

Be sure to keep it here and I will be updating because one that song drops, I am going to write about it. Niall is low key my favorite member of One Direction even though I am too old to have a favorite member of One Direction.

I can picture him being bigger than Zayn with his solo album because Zayn doesn’t do shit for promotion and will never go on tour. I know his anxiety, whatever but one thing about the music industry? No one cares. You go out there you promote and you perform. Britney does it, so can you Zayn.


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Niall Horan Hangs Out With Drake And Looks Better Than Ever

Damn Niall Horan, you are getting better looking with every single picture I see of you. I mean really. You signed a solo deal, got some facial hair, and now you’re hanging out with the hottest rapper out right now. I am into it. I am into this Niall Horan.

Yes Drake, you look great too, you know I have a crush on you.

Niall though, I always knew you were going to be a hottie.

Keep that stubble boo.

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Niall Horan Officially Signs Solo Recording Contract!

Getty Images

Well it looks like One Direction is not coming back, right? Niall Horan has officially signed on with Universal Music to start his own solo album. As of right now Harry, Liam, and Niall are all now solo artists.

According to reports, Simon isn’t very happy with Niall since he was supposed to sign with Simon’s SyCo label, but Universal came in with a better contract so he went with them!

Niall has reportedly put together a good amount of songs and is trying to steer away from the boy band feel that he has been a part for the last couple of years. He has reportedly also been working with his good friend Ed Sheeran, so I am guessing that Niall is going to go that route.

Congrats to the singer though! I didn’t expect him to jump off the One Direction boat so quickly but I can’t wait to hear his new stuff!

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Niall Horan Is Off The Market!

Main Image

Niall Horan, the more angelic looking member of One Direction is officially off the market. He showed up to the Mumford and Son’s concert in London with Belgian student Celine Helene Vandycke.

Know what I want to know? How do students meet celebrities? I mean maybe they just so happened to be at the same bar at the same time or whatever but damn! I am going to guess they met through Instagram or something, something romantic and new age like that. Plus Celine is beautiful so it would make sense if he was checking out her Instagram.

According to reports the couple spent the whole weekend together in London and Niall couldn’t keep his eyes or hands all over her.

Cheeky 1D bachelor goes in for a smooch in full view of the crowd around them

Niall barely paid attention to Mumford and Sons as he treated his girl the show

Duo enjoy the rare British sunshine in the Hyde Park VIP area

(all photo credit)

So young, so beautiful, and so in love, how adorable is that?

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Why Doesn’t Niall Horan Get More Love?

Listen up Directioners, I have a bone to pick with all of you. I know you don’t like me much because I think that both Niall and Liam are better looking than Harry but hear me out. Niall deserves more attention from your fandom!

I was looking through his Instagram and he is aging very nicely! I mean he is an absolute babe. He may not be dating some famous person, I am looking at all of the other members on that one. Louis and Danielle, Harry and maybe Kendall, Liam and Cheryl, even Zayn is dating one of the biggest super models out there right now, Gigi Hadid. Meanwhile Niall almost dated Selena Gomez but that didn’t work out for him.

I suggest you start giving this little Irish angel more attention because he is getting super hot. Not many people can pull off the whole bleached hair for as long as he has but he makes it work! Another thing we need to give him credit for.

Please One Direction fans, appreciate how attractive Niall is, okay? Okay.

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Maya bay .

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One Direction Debuts Music Video For ‘History’

One Direction pays homage to their past in their most recent video ‘History’ their last video until their break is over. It is a cute song, I get it. They have a whole lot of history and they have been through a lot as a group. The video surprisingly has a bit of Zayn Malik which I didn’t expect but I understand. He was a big part of the group for a long time.

For the most part though the song is sweet, it is to the point, and it is a good sendoff for the band. They keep saying it isn’t a break-up so we will see what happens with these boys!


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