Colton Underwood & Aly Raisman Couple Up At The Winter Classic

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Honestly, Aly and Colton are one of my favorite couples of the moment. The way that he asked her via Twitter, and now they are together? Ir doesn’t get much more millennial than that, right?

Today the NHL had their annual Winter Classic where two rivals play at a baseball field, or some kind of open field. They basically don’t play in the rinks they usually do. The match up this year took place at Busch Stadium in St. Louis, Missouri and the match up was the St. Louis Blues again the Chicago Blackhawks.

The team that ended up winning was St. Louis, but that doesn’t really matter much, does it?

All that matters is that young love is real and Colton and Aly are reminding us of that.

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Man Crush Monday: Tyler Seguin

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God bless Tyler Seguin, right? I mean, not only is he a complete babe but he also seems like a very good time, party wise of course.

Anyway, the NHL basically just started up, they are very early into their season, and there are a lot of hotties on the ice. They all wear helmets, so you can’t really see their faces. It doesn’t matter though, Tyler is one of the best looking ones, only second to Andrew Ference and that is all you need to know!

Oh, here are some stats on Tyler in case you want to impress people with your hockey knowledge. Tyler plays for the Dallas Stars, he is only 24, he stands at 6’1″, and he is a centerman! All exciting stuff, right?

Beard, tattoos, and gelled hair, insert heart eye emojis here.

Happy Monday everyone! Happy hockey season! God bless!

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Image result for tyler seguin

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The 16 Hottest Hockey Players To Welcome The 2016-17 Season!

This has become a bit of a tradition for Celebrities Are Tragic, ever sports season I put together a list of the hottest players in the game. Hockey is a tough one to put together because there are so many players, so many teams, and it’s obviously hard to go through every single team. So if your favorite isn’t on this list, I am a little sorry.

Before you go any further, be sure to check out our football and baseball lists as well!

16. Henrik Lundqvist
Image result for Henrik Lundqvist
Age: 34
Team: New York Rangers
Position: Goalie

15. PK Subban
Image result for pk subban
Age: 27
Team: Nashville Predators
Position: Defenseman

14. Jeff Carter
Image result for jeff carter
Age: 31
Team: Los Angeles Kings
Position: Right Wing, Center

13. Marco Scandella
Image result for Marco Scandella
Age: 26
Team: Minnisota Wild
Position: Defenseman

12. Patrice Bergeron
Image result for patrice bergeron
Age: 31
Team: Boston Bruins
Position: Center

11. Derick Brassard
Image result for derick brassard
Age: 29
Team: Ottowa Senators
Position: Center

10. Ryan Kesler
Image result for ryan kesler
Age: 32
Team: Anahiem Ducks
Position: Center

9. Jaromir Jagr
Image result for jaromir jagr panthers
Age: 44
Team: Florida Panthers
Position: Right Wing

8. Kris Letang
Image result for kris letang
Age: 29
Team: Pittsburg Penguins
Position: Defenseman

7.Brad Marchand
Image result for brad marchand 2015
Age: 28
Team: Boston Bruins
Position: Left Wing

6. Mike Fisher
Image result for Mike Fisher
Age: 36
Team: Nashville Predators
Position: Center

5. Alexander Wennburg
Image result for Alexander Wennberg
Age: 22
Team: Columbus Blue Jackets
Position: Center

4. Milan Lucic
Image result for milan lucic edmonton oilers
Age: 28
Team: Edmonton  Oilers
Position: Left Wing

3. Taylor Pyatt
Image result for hottest nhl players
Age: 35
Team: New York Rangers
Position: Left Wing

2.Tyler Seguin
Image result for tyler seguin tattoos
Age: 24
Team: Dallas Stars
Position: Center

1. Andrew Ference
Image result for andrew ference
Age: 37
Team: Edmonton Oilers
Position: Defenseman

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NHL Star Andrew Ference Stands Up For LGBT Athletes

Pride Tape, rainbow-colored strips that hockey players can decorate their sticks with, is intended for LGBT athletes and allies alike to show their support.

“[It’s] a badge of support to LGBT youth, to say ’you’re welcome in our sporting communities,’” Kris Wells, director of the Institute for the Sexual Minority Studies and Services at the University of Alabama, told CBC.

“This is a way to signal you’re an ally without having to actually say anything.”

The Pride Tape campaign’s Kickstarter page has garnered 133 backers already, totaling $6,000 to date.

The goal is to get $39,386 in donations by February 4, in order to manufacture and distribute 10,000 rolls of tape.

For the entire article click here!

I love this so much. I think it is very important that athletes stand up for athletes that are in the LGBT community. There are a lot of people who still believe that being gay is unnatural and I feel like for athletes they would be judged much more harshly. In some people’s opinion it isn’t “manly” to be homosexual and somehow manliness goes along with your skill when it comes to a sport. Of course it isn’t. If you have a skill then you have a skill, you can be straight, gay, lesbian, whoever and still be good at the sport!

Truthfully I don’t have much more to say about the topic. I find it hard to believe that in 2015 people are still do jusgemental and hateful when it comes to groups of people.

Good for Andrew Ference for taking a stand to help those who are afraid to stand up for themselves.


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