MTV Is Bringing ‘TRL’ Back!

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Know what one of my favorite childhood memories was? Being in the crowd at ‘TRL’, that’s right little six year old me pushed my way through the streets of New York, okay my dad did, but I pushed my way through and got to see Damien Fahey through the large window of the ‘TRL’ studios as he waved to the crowd.

It looks like MTV knows how hot nostalgia is right now though because they are bringing back the show that made it all happen. It made music videos happen, it made superstars happen, just a show that absorbed all of the pop culture it possibly could.

MTV recently announced that they would be starting the pop culture phenomenon back up in October. It will be in New York City but it doesn’t look like it will be in the same studio which is a damn shame.

The channel announced that they will be on television as well as other social media platforms.

No, I will not be a host and I am pissed.

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Childish Gambino, Chance The Rapper, Lorde, & More Will Perform At The 2017 Governor’s Ball!

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Whenever I see these music festival line ups happening I always hope that one of the creators will see my blog and think, we need her there. Simply because I am far too poor to be able to afford to go!

In other words, help me I’m poor.

Okay, back to the topic! The 2017 Governors Ball lineup is absolutely incredible. The headliners are Tool, Childish Gambino, Chance the Rapper, Pheonix, and in my opinion, Lorde is right up there at the top too.

Considering Lorde is performing at this and Coachella and I am praying that this means new music is on the way.

The festival this year starts on June 2 and ends June 4, 2017.

If you look at the lineup though  would guess that it will be 3 days of no sleeping.

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Keke Palmer Wears Leonardo DiCaprio Inspired Pants


On Friday Keke Palmer stepped out wearing a seriously awesome outfit. Considering it was only like 5 degrees out and she still wanted to show off her TLC ‘No Scrubs’ inspired leather outfit, I respect it.

Know what I respect more though?

I respect the fact that she put photos of Leonardo DiCaprio on her pants. Of course they were probably there when she got it but that doesn’t matter. Having Leo’s face on any kind of clothing is a pretty serious statement.

For the record, all of these Leo faces are from his role as Romeo in the 90’s remake of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ . It was a super weird take on the story but I recommend it.

I have one word for Keke though, slay.

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Look back at eet 👅

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How Bad Do You Want These ‘Golden Girls’ Figurines?

A limited-edition box set of ‘Golden Girls' action figures quickly sold out at New York Comic Con.

Over the weekend these ‘Golden Girls‘ figurines were introduced at New York Comic Con and I have decided that I need these really bad. I understand that they were limited edition only sold at Comic Con but it is time to throw down some cash. ‘Golden Girls’ was absolutely one of the greatest shows ever to be on television. Don’t you disagree with me because we will argue until you agree with me.

The action figures were being sold at $25 at the show, but now on Ebay they are up to $200! Talk about making a profit, but whatever, ‘Golden Girls’ are life, you gotta throw down money for the four sassiest ladies of all time!

To be honest, I love that even though there were hundreds of stars at Comic Con, the biggest hit were the ‘Golden Girls’ action figures.

I am such a Sophia by the way, what about you?

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Meryl Streep Does A Hilarious Impersonation Of Donald Trump

Meryl Streep is an absolute legend, she has won three Oscars along with many other awards speaks out on women’s rights, and dresses up as Donald Trump.

The actress dressed up as Donald for the annual Shakespeare in the Park Public Theater Gala in New York City on Monday night. According to organizers it was all Meryl’s idea and she even copied most of the mannerisms that Trump has.

God bless Meryl Streep.

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Henry Cavill Wears Superman Shirt Next To Billboard And Nobody Cares

Cheeky: Henry Cavill posted a hilarious video of him going completely unnoticed as he hung out in Times Square wearing a Superman T-shirt next to huge billboards of his upcoming blockbuster 

Yesterday Henry Cavill decided to see if anyone would notice him in Times Square if he was to wear a Superman shirt and stand right by the giant billboard located there. The funny thing about it? Nobody noticed him and nobody cared at all.

It looks like Clark Kent wearing his glasses could in fact change how Superman looks considering nobody noticed the fact Superman was right there, next to his Superman billboard. Hilarious stuff if you ask me.

I can’t believe that nobody even stopped to check him out and then realized who he was.Henry Cavill is a babe for sure.

To be fair I don’t think anyone in New York would notice any famous person. Everyone is always running from place to place and making eye contact would be something friendly people do, not New Yorkers.

Casual: The Man of Steel star took a close-up selfie next to one of the gigantic movie posters

Coffee to go? The British star even brazenly chilled in a coffee shop, going completely incognito 

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Julian Edelman Sits Front Row At New York Fashion Week

Julian Edelman, the hottest player in the NFL took his time to hang out at New York fashion week. He sat right in the front row next to the hilarious Andy Cohen to take in the sites of what is going on in the men’s fashion world.

Apparently Edelman is off the market though, unfortunately of course because again, he is the best looking player in the league. He hung around for a few days though taking in different shows through out the week.

Check out the pictures below!

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Gigi Hadid & Zayn Malik Go Apartment Hunting In NYC

Dark and bright looks: Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik were spied looking every inch the superstar duo as they departed their hotel in the Big Apple looking ready for a day on the town

I have officially become obsessed with Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik as a couple. Zayn is like a tortured artist, he leaves boy bands, then fights with his former friends, he dumps his fiancee and now he is dating one of the hottest supermodels out there. Gigi on the other hand just seems like a super down to earth chick. I have no idea if that is true, but her interviews really make her out to be that way.

Now that I have that out of the way Gigi and Zayn were spotted out in New York looking at apartments. No word on whether they were looking for Gigi or for Zayn or if they are looking for a place together, but they were spotted together in New York. That is really it so far.

The One Direction boys are really dating young Hollywood by storm right now. Harry is dating Kendall, Niall is maybe dating Selena, Louis is dating Danielle Campbell who is a rising star, obviously Zayn and Gigi, and Liam is probably just waiting for the next starlet to rise before he dates her. What a time to be alive, am I right?

I would like to add one thing, Zayn you look a little haggard, get some sleep.

Talk about popular: They've only been dating for a matter of weeks and Gigi and her former 1D beau looked very close when they reunited in NYC on Monday

Caped crusader: While Gigi went for a light-coloured look in a pallet of almost entirely greys, Zayn rocked an entirely darker ensemble as he headed out of the building

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Last Known Living 9/11 Search & Rescue Dog Bretagne Honored For Her Service!

birthday portrait

Source: Image via BarkPost

Wow, that is all I can say. I think when ti comes to remembering September 11th and all of the horror that happened that day, it is also important to remember all of the heroic acts. As people ran out of the buildings while they still had time, men and women ran into the buildings to help innocent people find their way out. So many lives were lost that day, but so many lives were saved from the courageous acts that occurred from firefighters, police officers, doctors, and even normal every day civilians that wanted to step in and help.

After these terrible acts happened, people from all over the country came to help with search and rescue. Bretagne was on her first search and rescue mission and came all the way from Texas to try and save as many lives as possible.

Many of the dogs since 9/11 have passed away due to age and even some illness due to working with all of the debris and smoke. Bretagne is the last known search and rescue dog to still be alive from that horrific act of terror. Homedog just turned 16 and had an awesome day!

Just so everyone can see, below is a picture posted of her now, and a picture from 9/11.


Check out the video below

So even though it is absolutely okay to feel sadness on a day such as this, it is important to remember these heroic acts. The people and the pooches that put their lives on the line to save others.

Thank you every man, woman, and dog that put other lives ahead of their own. You will never be forgotten.

Man Crush Monday: Derek Jeter

Derek Jeter is an absolute babe and I think that most people would agree with me on that. After all these years, I can finally admit that I think he is an absolute stud. See growing up in a Red Sox household I had to keep my opinions to myself. Not anymore! Apparently people in Boston don’t hate him anymore now that he retired! Well I am not exactly sure what the rules are but I think it is okay for me to admit it now!

Even if you don’t know anything about baseball you know that Derek Jeter is probably going to be one of the greatest players to ever play the game. Jeter is all about class and was never really involved in any outside issues in his personal life. The biggest thing I ever heard about him was that he used to give his one night stands a gift basket full of autographed baseballs and such. To me, I think that would be pretty cool. Not only did you get to sleep with this hottie, you got some signed stuff that you can sell on ebay, what is better than that?

Look at those blue eyes though, how can you not get lost in them? I bet some people who had to run past him to get to third base would get lost in his eyes just by catching a glance of him.

Good luck in whatever you do next Jeter, you are still a babe and I am sure you will end up like most retired athletes on some sports show talking about how much you loved the game and all of that stuff.

Happy Monday!