Mariah Carey’s New Year’s Eve Performance Was The Ending 2016 Deserved

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey had a moment in Times Square while performing for New Years Rockin Eve. Unfortunately this wasn’t some private gig or anything, she was on the world’s stage and well, her performance was a hot ass mess.

It was clear that something went wrong, who knows what it was, whether it was the sound or whether it was Mariah, we may never know!

As Mariah started to sing “Auld Lang Syne” the sound that came over the speakers was actually “Fantasy” one of her all time biggest hits. She then let the crowd know that she couldn’t ear, you could see her struggling with her earpiece.

After “Emotion” started to play and Mariah just gave up. She couldn’t hear and just strutted around the stage letting the crowd know that they didn’t have a soundcheck or anything like that. She then just told the crowd to sing her song. It was really just very weird to see.

Let me be clear about something though. Everyone is giving Mariah shit for lip-syncing but when singers do big performances like this, they usually have some type of backtrack behind him. It is a huge open area, they need to have a backtrack. It is just how it works.

I give her credit for staying on the stage though. Clearly there was something technically wrong but she just walked around, talked to the crowd.

I am praying for whoever messed it up though because you know Mariah probably killed them. No one makes Mariah look bad, only Mariah makes Mariah look bad!

For the record, 2016 didn’t deserve a good performance by Mariah. The year was a fucking mess and so was one of the headlining performances.

America, we deserved that awful performance.

Mariah did have the perfect response to the messiness too.

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