Nick Jonas Drops New Song “Area Code” And References Selena Gomez?

Nick Jonas dropped “Area Code” on SoundCloud on Saturday night.

Well let me start of by saying this song is absolute fire. I feel like it is a perfect mix of The Weeknd and Drake. Seriously, this song is a different sound for Nick and I absolutely love it! I mean he talks about being drunk and basically wanting a booty call, right? Well Nick here is my number if you ever need that state again. Well follow me on Twitter we can DM, exchange numbers, you know what I am saying.

One specific line came into play and made people who want Nick and Selena Gomez back together go wild.

He sings “You say I never been good for you, you can’t deny I gave it good to you,” That line seems to be a reference to Gomez’s summer hit “Good For You.”

He added fuel to that fire when he favorited two tweets from two different fans.

Nick Jonas favorited a pair fan tweets talking about his new song “Area Code” being about Selena Gomez.

You know I think that Nick Jonas is going to have a long career, I think that he is going to stay a stable hit maker but Bieber is back. Unfortunately his new music blowing up and Jonas had to do something. So he released a free song on his soundcloud and referenced the girl that Bieber constantly sings about. Boom, shots have been taken.

Check out the song and let me know what you think on our Facebook fan page!

Ed Sheeran Releases New Song Called ‘Sing’!

In my humble opinion I think that Ed Sheeran is a blessing to music right now, music needed him. Ed is not only a ginger but he is an absolutely incredible lyricist. He doesn’t just sing about getting fucked up at a club, he sings about love and real life things. He is just an amazing musician, he can rap, he can sing falsetto, what more do you need?

Honestly, do I think that this is his best song? No, I really don’t I don’t think that this song is going to be some huge hit. It might be but in my opinion it probably wont be. He could do better in my opinion.

I won’t judge his new music on this song though, I do believe that he will continue to push out amazing music and I can’t wait to hear him for years to come.

‘Mmm Yeah’ by Austin Mahone & Pitbull Has Been Released!

So I guess that I am like 3 days behind with this release but I had a Grammy’s hangover so I was trying to get over that. Anyway, Austin Mahone is just going to keep banging out hits and not have a CD, that is what is going to happen. He isn’t even going to release a damn CD and jsut keep blowing up the charts with bangers like this song.

Let’s be honest is this the best song in the world? No! Pitbull is in it! Whatever he touches I pretty much run the opposite way but Austin did a great job saving it, he knows what he is doing and I like it. I can’t wait for the music video honestly.

Pitbull needs to go away though. He talks about the band KrissKross who people who like Austin Mahone are too young to even know who they are. At lease stay relevant with your references please you old man. You also shouldn’t be checking out people that Mr.Mahone is because obviously they will be far too young for you! Ya lil creep!