Zedd & Liam Payne Team Up For “Get Low” – Listen Here!

I honestly expected way more from this song. Zedd has released some serious bangers and Liam has a great voice but this song has left me underwhelmed to say the least.

Number one I don’t know why they would use the name “Get Low” when Lil’ Jon already released an iconic bop with the exact same name.

I guess that it is a catchy song, I could picture myself just dancing to it without a care in the world and a drink in my hand.

Unfortunately I think that Liam is going to the JC to Niall’s (yes Niall not Harry’s) Justin Timberlake. Yikes.

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Julia Michaels Releases New Song “Uh Huh” – Listen Here!

Julia Michaels coming in hot with this one!

In case you don’t think you’ve heard of her, she sings the “Issues” song that is all over the radio at the moment. Did you know before she was a singer she was a songwriting? Well now you do!

I am a big fan of that song and after seeing her perform at the Billboard Music Awards I became even more of a fan.

This girl has some raw talent.

Listen to her newest song below, I bet you’ll be singing along by the second listen like I was.

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Fifth Harmony Announce New Single “Down”!

Are you all ready for Fifth Harmony to release their first single a quartet? Well you should prepare yourself because it’s coming, and it’s coming soon.

The group announced that their first song since the departure of Camila Cabello will be “Down” and will also feature rapper Gucci Mane. I don’t know why they always feature rappers in their songs, they are just fine without them, but I guess for a summer song it’ll be a good thing!

It was announced that the song will be released on June 2nd, so be sure to mark your calendars!

Honestly, I can’t wait for solo Camila and Fifth Harmony to battle it out on the charts.

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Nick Jonas Releases New Song “Remember I Told You” – Listen Here!

Know who I want to slap? Whoever manages Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato. These two are incredible singers and deserve more credit in the music industry, but they always struggle to climb charts and all of that bullshit.

Nick and Demi, get a better team around you!

On Friday Nick dropped a new song “Remember I Told You”, and it’s not his best. Nick can sing, he can hit notes but this song? It’s messy.

I understand that everyone wants to put out club music and some of it is awesome, but let’s get back to showing off vocals rather than having catchy beats.

This song is catchy but that doesn’t make it good. It just means you’ll most likely nod your head to it.

It just sounds like he is trying to sound like Drake.

What do you think of the song? Sound off in the comments!

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Halsey Drops “Strangers” Featuring Lauren Jauregui – Listen Here!

Halsey dropped an LGBTQ inspired love song with Fifth Harmony’s Lauren Jauregui, and I have to say, I love it.

This is the Halsey I wanted to hear since her first two songs from her upcoming album were kind of eh, in my opinion of course. This song is more suited for her voice and Lauren’s voice is absolutely incredible which just makes it more of a bop.

This song almost has like an 80’s vibe, does anyone feel that?

Halsey took to Twitter to express how happy she is that the song is now in our hands.

Check out the song below, I think that it is pretty good, and honestly the visuals that will eventually come along with this song are going to be incredible.

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Machine Gun Kelly Shows Off Vulnerable Side On New Track “Let You Go”

Image may contain: 1 person, indoor

Machine Gun Kelly is definitely one of the most versatile artists out there right now.

He can rap, he can sing, he plays guitar, and he also acts. He is just such a breath of fresh air that I think the music world needed. Most people know that MGK has been out there hustling for a long time now and I am so glad that he is finally getting the radio plays.

Usually he raps though and this song? It’s just so different.

It almost reminds me of old school Blink 182 or maybe even Weezer, I’m sure both influenced this sound.

MGK took to Twitter to explain the meaning of this song and his passion for playing guitar!

Check out the song below and let me know what you think!

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Charlie Puth Drops New Song & Video For “Attention”

Charlie Puth is back with dropping hits.

It is pretty clear that Charlie is one of the more talented young artists out there, he writes his own music, plays instruments, and writes for other people. Let’s also be happy that he cut his hair, no more mop which we can all appreciate.

This song “Attention” has a 90’s vibe to me, late 90’s early 2000’s, and I am not complaining at all. I love that, that specific sound is coming back, no complaints here!

I kind of feel like this song is just a ton of shade to Bella Thorne.

So Bella Thorne, welcome to your tape.

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Lady Gaga Performed New Song “The Cure” At Coachella!

Last night Lady Gaga performed at Coachella in place of Beyonce performing. As most people know Beyonce is pregnant with twins and wasn’t able to perform so Gaga stepped up big time!

Well, she surprised the crowd with a new song, “The Cure” and I love it.

It’s the perfect summer bop!

This song has a very early 2000’s vibe to it and I will never complain about that kind of vibe.

Let’s play that this song gets the radio plays that it deserves!

On another note, Gaga reportedly absolutely slayed her entire set.

Get it girl!

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Meghan Trainor Releases New Song “I’m A Lady”

Image result for meghan trainor i;m a lady

I remember a year or so ago reading an interview with Meghan Trainor and she said that she shit hits. Which is actually one of the truest things that I have ever heard. When she first came out people either loved her or hated her but I think at this point everyone can respect what she can do.

She can sing, write, and play instruments. In my opinion that is talent.

Meghan actually started off as a song writer rather than a singer. Then LA Reid noticed her talent, she was signed, the end!

Well Meghan has another hit on her hands that’s for sure.

Considering this ‘Smurfs’ movie is going to have songs from Meghan and Demi, it’s going to be lit.

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Did The Weeknd Dis Justin Bieber With New Song?

Related image

Well shit, it looks like The Weeknd and Justin Bieber are currently the newest music feud out there. Two Canadians hating on each other and it isn’t polite!

It all start last month or so when Bieber said that The Weeknd was wack and that was all that was needed to set this feud off.

As many people know Selena Gomez is currently dating The Weeknd but she had a very on and off relationship with Justin Bieber over the course of a few years.

Here are some of the lyrics from the new song that set off the rumors that this is in fact a dis song.

“I think your girl, think your girl, fell in love with me. She say my f*** and my tongue game a remedy.” Nav raps, “Haters gonna say this sh*t is wack,” which is assumed to be shade back at Bieber for calling The Weeknd wack.

We will see how the rest of this feud plays out!

For the record, I am team The Weeknd all the way.

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