Taylor Swift Releases Music Video For ‘New Romantics’

So in reality this music video has been out for probably two weeks now, but Taylor Swift was mean and only released it on Apple Music. It’s finally on Youtube and Vevo now though! So I will be watching it on repeat until further notice!

I actually love that she has some commentary during the video. She dedicates it to her fans, all of that fun stuff. 1989 was truly a remarkable album and tour. It is one of the most awarded albums of all time, so let’s put it into perspective that way. ‘New Romantics’ is also by far one of the best songs on the album.

She did say that she was taking a small break and I feel as though this is her little goodbye music video to the 1989 era and album. She did the same for ‘Sparks Fly’ too, her concert videos are always great.

Thanks for finally letting the world see your video for ‘New Romantics’! Next time, release it to all of us at once, please and thank you!

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