Drake & Beyonce Debut Full Version Of “I Can”

I am not really sure how I feel about this song just yet, but with both Drake and Beyonce on the track you know it is going to be a hit. I mean how can it not be? Drake is fucking incredible and even though I am not the biggest fan of Beyonce’s new music, she is a legend.

I am a bit bummed out that Beyonce didn’t have a full verse. I think that if she was to sing it out on this track it would have been even better.

It does have a nice sound to it, I think it is just a little boring, but I am sure that it will grow on me.

I will stay clear on my stance though, Beyonce should have had a full verse instead of repeating like 6 words over and over again.

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Just a random thought but I love all the free music Drake has been releasing lately. Considering I am up to eyeballs in student loans anything free, especially good music, is the greatest thing ever.

JoJo Releases Music Video For ‘When Love Hurts’!

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I have been on the JoJo comeback train for a long time, see examples herehere, and here. So obviously I have been waiting for this video to drop for a while now. Can I just say, this song is amazing. I fucking love it. I mean JoJo had some pipes when she was like 12 and I am happy at 24 she can still SANG!

JoJo is my home-girl and she can out sing any young female vocalist out there right now. I said it! Come at me. Her vocal range is absolutely insane and the world has needed her back in the worst way.

The queen is back and she is here to slayyyy!

Tell me how much you love the song here, and check out the video below!

And here is an acoustic version, just so no one can say that her singing is all manufactured.

Janet Jackson and Missy Elliot ‘BURNITUP!’ for new track

All I can say is YAASS!!! I am so happy that this song came into my life today. This has been the longest week of all time and finding out Janet and Missy came out with a song together just made it so much better. Janet is a queen as is Missy.  I mean it has been way too long since either of them released new music.

Janet is on a huge come back tour, which is pretty fucking awesome. Janet is someone who is just raw talent, yup I said it. I love her voice, and she can seriously sing. Missy is just a musical genius so everything she is a part of is magical.

This song is very Janet and I approve. I can’t wait to get drunk and dance to this song. Pretend I can dance as good as Janet and just straight up break it down.

Click here and tell me what you think! And for fun, here is another classic by the two.

Nick Jonas Says New Album Will Drop ‘Later This Year or Next Year’

Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas may be the hardest working man in music. After dropping his self-titled album last November, landing roles on HBO’s Kingdom and Fox’s Scream Queens, and performing at shows in between, the singer is prepping the release of his new record. “I’m coming with a new record at some point later this year or next year,” Jonas tells Entertainment Weekly. He also adds that his debut solo effort has “some life left” in it, so he may repackage the collection with “a few more songs.” (credit)

As if Nick Jonas didn’t have enough on his plate, he wants to release even more new music. I personally am all for this idea. I think it is potentially one of the smartest things that Nick could do. He is currently everywhere in the media, and he should capitalize on it.

Let’s be real right now, Bieber is unfortunately making a comeback, a big one. I don’t like his new music but a lot of people do so he will be back. Nick needs to keep his fans interested in him rather than Bieber, so come out with new music! Come out with as much new music as possible!

I genuinely think that Nick has a longevity that Bieber doesn’t have, just my personal opinion. So Nick don’t you worry, just keep doing your thing and release more music as soon as possible. You should also plan a summer tour because we all know Bieber will be doing it. Can’t let that little Canadian slip ahead of you!

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Joe Jonas’ New Band DNCE Releases First Single, ‘Cake By The Ocean’, Listen Here!

First of all, I didn’t even know that Joe Jonas was a part of a new band, let me just throw that out there. I feel like I am not doing my job right now being blindsided by this new band and song all in one day.

I don’t hate this song, I really don’t. I don’t love this song either. I guess I would probably change it if it was on the radio and I was sober, but if I was drunk at a dance floor I would most likely dance to it. I just kind of have no feelings forwards this song. It isn’t bad, it isn’t great.

Joe Jonas needs to realize one thing though, Nick Jonas is currently the supreme Jonas. There is no way that Joe is going to knock Nick off of the pedestal that he is currently standing on. Joe should wait until the Nick’s flame dims just a bit before he goes out and releases new music.

Check out the song below and let me know what you think here, do you hate it? Do you love it? Should I love it? I don’t know how I feel about this song and I need to know how I should feel.

Hoodie Allen Releases New Song “Let It All Work Out”!

I am completely not bias when it comes to Hoodie Allen’s music. I genuinely think he is one of the best rappers out there. He is just refreshing with everything that he does.

This has been a pretty awesome summer for Hoodie. He had his smash hit with Ed Sheeran entitled “All About It” and opened up on the Boyz of Zummer tour! If you aren’t familiar it was the tour with Wiz Khalifa and Fall Out Boy.

One thing about Hoodie that I personally love is that he genuinely loves his fans. He put out his first studio album in 2014, and now he is going back to his roots by releasing some free music. He is putting together a mixtape that is supposed to be released early next year.

Fun fact, he and Nick Jonas just recently tweeted each other so I am praying for some type of collaboration there, just a little hope and a little dream I have.

Hoodie this song is straight fire like most of the music you release! Can’t wait for the mixtape to drop!

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Nick Jonas Drops New Song “Area Code” And References Selena Gomez?

Nick Jonas dropped “Area Code” on SoundCloud on Saturday night.

Well let me start of by saying this song is absolute fire. I feel like it is a perfect mix of The Weeknd and Drake. Seriously, this song is a different sound for Nick and I absolutely love it! I mean he talks about being drunk and basically wanting a booty call, right? Well Nick here is my number if you ever need that state again. Well follow me on Twitter we can DM, exchange numbers, you know what I am saying.

One specific line came into play and made people who want Nick and Selena Gomez back together go wild.

He sings “You say I never been good for you, you can’t deny I gave it good to you,” That line seems to be a reference to Gomez’s summer hit “Good For You.”

He added fuel to that fire when he favorited two tweets from two different fans.

Nick Jonas favorited a pair fan tweets talking about his new song “Area Code” being about Selena Gomez.

You know I think that Nick Jonas is going to have a long career, I think that he is going to stay a stable hit maker but Bieber is back. Unfortunately his new music blowing up and Jonas had to do something. So he released a free song on his soundcloud and referenced the girl that Bieber constantly sings about. Boom, shots have been taken.

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Justin Bieber Releases New Song ‘What Do You Mean?’

So I have been very harsh on Bieber over the past few years, for good reason I think. He was a little spoiled brat and I couldn’t stand it. I don’t like that ‘Where Are You Now?’ song either, but I have realized that he is making a comeback, I can respect it. So I went into this song with an open mind.

Honestly, I don’t love it, I don’t think it is all that great, and I feel like it is just repetitive. I know that every song is repetitive now, I guess I expected more than what I got.

Clearly Bieber is making a comeback though and I will admit that I made a mistake saying he would never make it in music again. I do think he has done a number on himself but his fans will always love him.

I just feel like this song was so hyped up and it wasn’t even that great, I don’t JB you even got my hopes up. This is rather bland if you ask me.

Can’t wait to change the radio station repeatedly because this song is going to get beat over our heads.

Let’s be real though Ryan Sheckler is looking good, real good.

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Jojo Just Dropped Three Fire Singles: Listen Here!

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Earlier this week I reported that Jojo was coming out with something called a tringle, basically dropping three singles at once on August 21st. Well guess what? She did it a day early! She dropped the three singles this afternoon and all I can say is praise! Jojo is absolutely incredible!

The first single, Rapture, is something good, I think it is a nice sound but out of the three it isn’t my favorite. I think it is the weakest of the three but guess what? Still incredible because Jojo is fan-fucking-tastic and is a better singer than most out there right now.

Take Me Home is the second single released, I am obsessed. I will be listening to this song on repeat. Just over and over, the beat behind it, the soul in Jojo’s voice. I need it! I give this song an A+, also nice ode to Phil Collins in the hook, can’t go wrong there.

Glory is the third and final song, it is a good final song for the tringle because she takes us to church. This track was built to show off the fact that this girl can actually sing.

My god I am so excited for all of Jojo’s new music, I can’t even explain it. This soulful sound that she has going on, I can dig it. I am hoping that she will just drop a whole album soon. Let’s be real her last album The High Road, which is almost 10 years old was legendary. Clearly she still has it.

God bless Jojo.

It’s Official Jojo Is Releasing A Tringle Of New Music!

JoJo is officially on her way back to the forefront of our collective musical mind, ready to emerge in the 21st century as a powerhouse pop star, no longer tethered to her shady recording contracts of years past.

And her return will begin with the upcoming release of…a tringle.

What is a tringle, you ask? Well, JoJo anticipated there might be some confusion, so she dutifully posted a definition of the word (courtesy of Urban Dictionary) on Instagram. It’s pretty simple to discern on your own, but, officially, it means “the simultaneous release of three singles.”

And so, JoJo has subtly announced her refusal to reintroduce herself into the mainstream music world slowly by dropping a single here or there and testing the waters. Instead, she’s chosen to hit us full-on in the face with three brand new songs on the same day (August 21).
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Not only is my girl Jojo coming back, she is coming back in a big way! Why release one single and have one big come back song when you can release three on the same day! For the past seven years Jojo has been stuck in a terrible contract but back in December she announced that she was finally free from it! She even signed with Atlantic records to start making new music.

I will say this, if Jojo never had a bad contract and continued to make music, she would be at T.Swift level. Yup! She is a legend! I mean at 12 she could belt, I am excited to see what she can do with her voice now that she is 24. I am sure that she is going to absolutely crush the game.

There haven’t been any hints about her new sound either. Usually there is at least some indication of what sound an artist is going for. Not Jojo. She is just going to release three tracks, and take over the world.

Seriously though, what a move. Not one song, not two, but three all on the same day. August 21st is the big day and I am ready. I have been ready for a long time, last year I even wrote an article (5 reasons Jojo needs a comeback) about it.

So be ready guys, Jojo is back and she is going to run the game, just like she did at the tender age of 12.

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