Eliza Dushku Opens Up About Her Battle with Drug Addiction

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Eliza Dushku, bravo. That is really all that I can say. I give this woman so much credit for opening up about her drug addiction and alcoholism. The fact that she never even spoke about it before until this moment? I give her so much credit for working through her addiction struggles.

Today (March 7th) Eliza spoke at the NH Youth Summit on Opioid Awareness.

One of the most powerful parts of this speech in my opinion was her saying, “I loved the first time I took a drug because I loved how it made me feel, I loved the way it made me not feel and I didn’t have to feel. It was fun and I loved it until it wasn’t”.

That is some real life feelings.

I have to give Eliza a lot of credit, I know I said that earlier but this is brave. She is using her platform for an amazing reason.

Check out the full speech below, it is filled with a lot of great stuff.

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