Demi Lovato Changes Up Her Hairstyle

Over the weekend Demi teased that she was going to be doing something big with her hairstyle. Most people assumed she was going to shave her head. By most people, I of course mean the internet.

Demi actually did the exact opposite though. She got herself some extensions and now has long, flowing, dark hair.

Maybe she is preparing us for a new Demi era, which means new music! If it’s anything like ‘Body Say’ I am into it.

Let’s be real, Demi never looks back and she is slaying this hairstyle. You keep being fabulous girl!


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Taylor Swift Shows Off New Bleached Hair

Well that’s a serious change of look Taylor Swift. I wasn’t expecting this to happen .She almost has like a Halsey vibe right now. I am very confused too. I mean she looks kind of badass, very different from her usual all American girl look!

Looking badass T.Swift I kind of hate it, I kind of love it. Truthfully Taylor can do very little wrong in my opinion.

I guess this is her letting us know that her whole ‘1989’ vibe is over! This is absolutely her change of look for her new album. What kind of sound will that be?

Apparently she is trying out this look for Coachella but everyone knows the real queen of Coachella will always be Vanessa Hudgens.

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