The Weeknd Releases New Song ‘Starboy’ Featuring Daft Punk

Oh hell yeah, I think that I can get behind this new era that The Weeknd is about to get into. His voice is really just so smooth, and his lyrics are dirty, which makes it sound better.

I personally don’t think this is his strongest song of all time but I think it has a lot of potential. After a few times listening to it, I am sure that I will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed it other album.

So check it out on Spotify and Itunes!

I think that his new album is going to be all kinds of amazing.

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Demi Lovato Changes Up Her Hairstyle

Over the weekend Demi teased that she was going to be doing something big with her hairstyle. Most people assumed she was going to shave her head. By most people, I of course mean the internet.

Demi actually did the exact opposite though. She got herself some extensions and now has long, flowing, dark hair.

Maybe she is preparing us for a new Demi era, which means new music! If it’s anything like ‘Body Say’ I am into it.

Let’s be real, Demi never looks back and she is slaying this hairstyle. You keep being fabulous girl!


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Britney Spears Announces New Album Title & Release Date!

It is time. That is all I can say. Britney announced today that her new album “Glory” will be available on 8/26 and the whole pop world is shook.

Of course her lead single ‘Make Me’ is absolutely phenomenal, I am ready to see what the rest of the album has in store!

According to her tweet, this will be a new era of Britney. What can we expect? I have no idea! More singing and less club tracks? I hope so! What if she put ‘Mona Lisa’ on it? I would die, all Britney fans would die.

Are you excited for this news?! Let me know on Twitter!

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