Olivia Culpo Live Tweets Danny Amendola’s Big Super Bowl 51 Play

Danny Amendola and Olivia Culpo are my favorite super model/football player couple in the entire NFL. Yup, I said it!

No for real though, I think that these two are just the fucking cutest couple and I hope they get married.

If you didn’t know, Danny Amendola made some big plays during Super Bowl 51 to put the Patriots into a position where they could tie and then win the game. In fact he made the touchdown that brought them into overtime!

Olivia was there cheering her man on and the tweets that she posted? Well it only proves that they are in fact relationship goals.

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Man Crush Monday : Chris Hogan

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If you hate the Patriots, I totally get it. I mean they are a great team and a lot of people hate teams that win a lot, I understand. Let’s be real though, even if you hate them you have to admit one thing. They have a really, really good looking team.

Last night the Patriots went on to beat the Steelers and there was one player who really stood out and had an incredible game. Chris Hogan. The team worked together of course but Chris Hogan went above and beyond, probably having one of the best games of his career.

Some fun facts about the star, he is married to his college sweetheart who is a doctor and they are expecting twins. He stands at 6’1″, and he was actually a college lacross player rather than football player, it just so happened that he was good at both so it worked out in his favor.

Happy Monday and may we see Chris Hogan’s beautiful blue eyes as he holds up the Lombardi trophy!

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Great win boys!! #letsgooo #postseason #pats

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Tom Brady Join Instagram! Check Out His First Post Here!

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Tom Brady is known for having some pretty hysterical posts on his Facebook account and today he announced that he was joining Instagram!

Yeah, I know that you probably don’t care about sports or hate the Patriots, but I also don’t really care. Tom Brady is one of the best looking players in the league so he deserves this kind of attention!

Check out his first post below!

Tom made his profile earlier this morning and already has 292k follower, that number will absolutely grow too.

If you want to follow him on Instagram click here!

I can’t wait to see the weird but funny things he will post

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Julian Edelman Shares First Photo With Daughter Lily!

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Julian Edelman has kept pretty quiet about being a father, he didn’t respond when rumors started to swirl, and last week he didn’t say anything about his daughter being born. ¬†Although, reports are that he flew to meet his little girl right after his game last week and spent the start of the week with her.

There was a part of me that wondered if he was just going to stay quiet about the whole situation and continue to raise his daughter without a ton of media attention.

Looks like I was wrong!

Late last night Julian posted a photo with his daughter, introducing her to the world.

Congrats to Julian on being a first time father, and becoming a certified DILF.

UPDATE: I apologize, I wrote that Julian’s daughter was named Ella but it is Lily, my mistake.

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Julian Edelman Is Officially A Father To A Baby Girl!

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Julian Edelman is definitely one of the hottest football players out there. On the field his stats are incredible and well, he is also a total babe, can’t deny that one. He even dated Adriana Lima for a short time before it was reported that he was going to be a father. After that it seemed to fizzle out quickly.

According to TMZ, Julian flew out to Los Angeles so he could be there for the birth of his baby girl.

Back in July Swedish model Ella Rose filed for a paternity case, but Julian accepted that the child was his without taking the test. The two have reportedly been friends with benefits for the past few years and are committed to raising this baby girl together.

Congrats to Julian, Ella, and baby Lily!

Don’t worry, Julian is apparently still single, he and Ella are simply friends at this point wanting to raise a baby together, because that always works.

Good luck!

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Man Crush Monday: Jimmy Garoppolo

I am just a girl, writing a blog about a New England Patriots player, asking him to love me. If you don’t know what movie I am kind of quoting, I can promise you, it’s a movie quote, I am not that crazy.

Last night the New England Patriots took the field without their number one quarter back Tom Brady, and Jimmy Garoppolo took charge to bring the team their first win of the year. Say what you want about the Patriots but they have a great playing team and they also have the best looking team in the NFL. I have done my research, I can promise you that.

Just in case you were wondering, Jimmy is 24 years old and is a total babe. Even in interviews he holds himself so well. He has that megawatt smile that you just can’t look away from.

Tall, dark, and handsome, does it get any better than that?

Although Tom Brady will be back in game 5 of the season, I won’t mind watching Jimmy and his smile.

Happy Monday, if you have any recommendations on who should be next weeks MCM, click on the Twitter or Facebook link below!

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Patriots’ Hunk Danny Amendola Covers “Men’s Health” Magazine

credit: Men’s Health

I know that everyone hates the New England Patriots but let’s be real, they have the best looking team in football. One of the best looking on their team? Danny Amendola. My lawd just look at him!

Danny will be covering the October issue of ¬†Men’s Health, ¬†and it will hit stands on September 13th.

Good lord though, right? I can’t stop staring. He is such a babe, and he is a football player which means he is tough. He is also dating Olivia Culpo and they are absolutely adorable together. I mean, usually I get irrationally man when someone I have a crush on is dating someone else, even if it is someone I don’t know, but I will accept Danny and Olivia. I can only hope that they got off and get married and have super attractive babies. That was a lot, I know, thanks for sticking with me.

According to Danny he does work out with fellow Patriots player and hottie Julian Edelman, but one of his favorite work outs is yoga. Interesting.

Bless up!

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Julian Edelman & Adriana Lima Are Totally Dating!


TMZ broke this story over the weekend and I for one am very excited about this potential coupling. Two insanely gorgeous people being together, you have to support it, right?

Patriots’ player Julian Edelman was spotted over the weekend in Nantucket with supermodel Adriana Lima, the two were holding hands, just being adorable in general. Let’s be clear, Edelman is by far one of the best looking players in the NFL and Adriana is probably one of the most beautiful women in the world, so it makes sense that they should fall in love and have beautiful children. Is that much? I don’t care.

The two apparently met through mutual friends down in Miami, but clearly they hit it off. See in my perfect world they met through Tom and Gisele and will all go on double dates together.

Now we all know that Danny and Olivia are my favorite Patriot/Supermodel match up but Julian and Adriana are pretty beautiful to look at too.

Patriots players and supermodels, it just makes sense.

I would also just like to add that I think Julian is lying about being 5’10, maybe he is slouching but he looks at least a few inches shorter than Lima, right?

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Olivia Culpo & Danny Amendola Continue To Be Adorable

I don’t think that this couple was ever really in hiding to begin with but they weren’t really flaunting their relationship. Of course Danny and Olivia have been together for a while but it seems like within the past week they have decided to really take their relationship to the public eye. Something that I am not mad about at all. I mean they are my favorite couple right now. They are both so attractive and perfect, how can you hate that?

The two spent Memorial Day weekend in Vegas, at least that is what it looks like from Instagram, and Olivia is ready to really tell the world she has moved on from ex Nick Jonas to someone even hotter. I didn’t even know it was possible to be hotter than Nick Jonas but Danny Amendola does it.

Let’s just take in the beauty of this couple and hope that they get married and have babies down the road.

Let me just say, I think they may make a hotter model/football player couple than Tom Brady and Gisele, that is a big statement but I will stand by it!

I am obsessed and I am not even sorry.

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Olivia Culpo & Patriot’s Player Danny Amendola Attend Coachella Together

Mystery Man: It looks like Olivia wanted to debut her new man at Coachella

Well it looks like my new favorite couple have decided to go public instead of just going on Snapchat and taking pictures or just spending lowkey family time on Easter. These two are ready to go public and I am so ready to see them go public because they are just incredibly beautiful people. I have said it once I will say it again, how do you upgrade from Nick Jonas? I have no idea but somehow Olivia Culpo did by dating Danny Amendola of the New England Patriots.

Everyone was at Coachella over the weekend, from Taylor Swift to Kellan Lutz, literally every spectrum of famous people were there from the D to the A list.

Olivia and Danny look so cute though, right? I am obsessed, whatever.

The couple that dresses together! Olivia and her rumoured beau complimented each other with their black and white outfits

Festival Chic: The pair looked ready to party at the star-studded festival

Puss In Boots: Olivia looked amazing in her over the knee boots and mini black shorts

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