Taylor Swift Releases New Song ‘Shake It Off’ !

As an avid T.Swift fan I was pretty happy when I found out she was doing that whole livestream thing because I knew something big was going to come from it, maybe a single, or some album info and both things happened! Taylor will be releasing her new album entitled 1989 and it will be released on October 27th! Exciting stuff right there. She also released not only a single but a video for the single called ‘Shake It Off’ which is basically living proof she has totally steered away from country music.

Now how do I feel about this song? It is definitely not one of my favorite Taylor Swift songs, in fact it may be my least favorite one that I have ever heard by her. I know I will probably end up liking it in about a month though, I will jam out to it. I think it just has to grow on me a little bit. At least I hope that is the case.

What is she thinking stealing lines from my girls 3LW though, saying players are going to play and that haters are going to hate! I see what you are doing there girl and I don’t like it! Well I do like it but 3LW created those lines first ya silly Swift!

One thing I will say is that in this video I loved that she played on the fact that she can’t dance at all. Everyone knows she can’t dance, she knows she can’t dance. It is really awesome.

This is very much like “Girlfriend” by Avril Lavigne if you ask me, yeah I said it! It reminds me of when Avril did the whole transformation thing that didn’t really work out in her favor.

I am sitting here wondering how this will react with her fans though, I mean for me, I will probably end up loving it. I basically love anything that T.Swift does but I hope that her whole album isn’t like this. Is it too different from her old stuff though? Also will people finally stop complaining that she isn’t country because clearly she is aware she isn’t country anymore. So you need to stop using the whole well she isn’t country line, we know that alright.

Do you guys love it or hate it? I gotta know!