Taylor Swift Announces Next Album Title & Release Date!

Listen, I am very aware that my site has been very Taylor Swift heavy lately but I refuse to apologize! Homegirl has been teasing us with snake videos and wiping her social media clean, of course I am going to talk about it!

It has been confirmed that Taylor’s next album will be called Reputation, and it was will be released on November 11th, just in time for her to plan a stadium tour that I will definitely be attending.

Tomorrow the first single will drop and the whole world is going to be shook, get be ready.

Why not start off the weekend with a smash hit, right?

I am ready, I am here for it, I just hope that I like this album better than 1989.

Give me those lyrics that I would have totally put as my AIM profile Taylor, I need them!

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JAY-Z’s Album ‘4:44’ Is Already Platinum!

It looks like JAY-Z has went and done it again!

Last week he released his new album ‘4:44’ exclusively on TIDAL and it has already reached platinum status. Which means that it is an incredible feat considering not a lot of people were on TIDAL before, but obviously he got people to sign up in order to get the album. That’s impressive.

Kanye leaves TIDAL and it gets a ton of new sign ups for Jay’s album, and Jay goes platinum.

The illuminati is working wonders right now.

In case you know, for an album to go platinum is must sell 500,000 units of either albums or single songs, it all goes together.

This happened in 5 days for Jay.

Holy shit.

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Lorde’s Next Single Is “Perfect Places” – Listen Here!

I have missed Lorde so much. That’s really all that I can say. I have always loved her sound and her lyrics, I even love her insane dance moves.

This song is a very solid one. I know a lot of people complained about “Green Light” not sounding like Lorde, but she is clearly evolving as an artist and we all better get behind it!

“Perfect Places” definitely reminds me of old Lorde though, and it’s good to hear.

Can’t wait for those summer nights with the windows down while blasting this song.

Lorde’s new album Melodrama will be out on June 16th.

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Paramore Release “Told You So” Music Video – Watch Here!

Paramore goes on a joy ride in their recent “Told You So” music video and I love every single second of it.

On another note, I swear that Hayley Williams just gets more beautiful. Her transformation is absolutely incredible and she is seriously one of the most underrated female vocalists out right now.

Okay, now that I have got that off my chest, I  can’t wait for Paramore’s new album ‘After Laughter’ which will be out May 12th.

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Paramore Release “Hard Times” Music Video & Announces New Album!

Paramore has been on a little bit of a break after one of their biggest years commercially back in 2013. “Hard Times” is definitely a good welcome back song though, it definitely has a summer vibe to it, so they were smart to wait on releasing it until now.

According to the band’s interview with Billboard, they plan on channeling their love for early 80’s music with in their new album titled After Laughter.

Their album will be dropping on May 12th, which is also when Harry Styles solo album will drop.

So get ready, My 12th will be a solid day for good music.

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Machine Gun Kelly Releases ‘Bloom’ Song List!

Get ready everyone, Machine Gun Kelly is releasing his new album ‘Bloom’ on May 12th and I think it’s going to be a huge hit. Right now MGK is having one of the best years of his entire career, at least commercially.

Of course we all know “Bad Things” was a huge hit that kind of put MGK on the map for radio, but he has been putting out solid music for a long time now. Just throwing that out there, he isn’t an overnight success, he has been putting in work for a long time.

MGK’s new album will have 13 songs and features by Camila Cabello, James Arthur, Hailee Steinfeld, Ty Dolla $ign, Quavo, and Dubxx.

Should be a solid album and I expect this album to at least end up in the top ten of Billboard it’s first week, if not top five.

Are you excited for new MGK music or do you think he has sold out?

Let me know in the comments!

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Kendrick Lamar’s Album ‘DAMN’ Will Drop This Friday!

Kendrick Lamar‘s song “Humble” is currently the highest charting rap song since Eminem’s “Not Afraid” so as usual, Kendrick is so hot right now.

There has been talks about when his album will be released but as of right now it is set to be released on Friday, April 14th.

The album has 14 songs and two collaborations, one with Rihanna and one with U2.

I can’t wait to hear what type of creativity K.Dot came up with for this one.

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Ed Sheeran Teases New Music & Album Title

Ed Sheeran took 2016 off from releasing new music, touring, and stayed off of social media for the most part, that’s all over now though!

Yesterday Ed let the world know that on Friday he will be releasing a new song. A song that we need desperately. Sure, we still had some Ed music to get us through the start of 2016 but it was a tough year without that beautiful voice.

So far all we know is that he is releasing an unnamed single on Friday, and his album will most likely be called “÷“, his other two albums were named “+” and “x”. Glad to see that he is sticking with mathematical symbols.

Check out the hints below!

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J. Cole Might Be Dropping A Surprise Album Next Week

Well, well, well it looks like J. Cole knows that we need something good to end 2016 with. Of course the Ja Rule and Ashanti song on the Hamilton Mixtape can only do so much! This shit year needs to have sometihing good happen. So a J. Cole album would definitely help. At this point all signs point to yes that he will be releasing an album since 4 Your Eyez Only has popped up on Itunes!

The album will reportedly on December 9th, and has ten tracks. Most people know that his last album went platinum with no features and became the best selling rap album of 2014, and the Grammys ignored him,but hey, the don’t like talent much anyway.

Let’s see what happens!

Are you excited for this to drop, if it happens?

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Listen To Emeli Sandé’s Refreshing New Single “Breathing Underwater”


Have you ever heard a song that you just needed to hear? It’s almost like the song was written specifically for you in a way, just describes how you are feeling in the moment and it kind of brings you to  a whole new feeling? Well that is exactly what this song did for me today.

Emeli Sandé in my opinion is one of the most underrated female vocalists out there. Her voice is just so smooth and could probably make any song sound good.

Her new album comes out tomorrow too, so be sure to pick that up!

Really though, thank you for this song Emeli.

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