The Boys From ‘Stranger Things’ Look Dapper On The 2017 Golden Globes Red Carpet

Stranger Things‘ definitely deserves all of the attention that it has received over the past few months. The kids did an incredible job on the show and they are so likable. They aren’t annoying and I can appreciate that.

Caleb, Finn, Gaten, and Noah all showed up to the Golden Globes together and I am assuming we will see more cuteness from them tonight!

Good luck to the show on it’s nominations tonight!

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Man Crush Monday : Scott Patterson

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Like most people, I spent my Thanksgiving weekend watching the Gilmore Girls revival on Netflix. I will write a whole post about my thoughts, don’t worry I know you are dying to know, but one thing is for sure. Luke, also known as Scott Patterson, is one of my dream men.

After doing a bit of digging my jaw dropped when I found out Scott was 58 years old. He is almost 60 and that is something that I just can’t wrap my head around. Of course he had aged since the last episode of Gilmore Girls aired until this Netflix reboot but still!

Scott is a totally rugged guy, with his backwards blue ball cap and his plaid shirt. There is nothing I want more.

If you haven’t seen the series yet, just wait, there is a speech that Luke gives that will melt your heart!

Happy Monday everyone! God’s speed after this long weekend!

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Dave Chappelle Will Have 3 New Comedy Specials On Netflix!

Today is a great day for comedy because Netflix announced that they will be releasing three Dave Chappelle stand up specials! Well, they said comedy specials but I am assuming that it means stand up specials, that’s all I need.

So far all that we know the specials will be released in 2017, the two performances are from Austin City Limits Live and the Hollywood Palladium. The third one isn’t confirmed yet.

Dave Chappelle is the comedian we all need, it’s been 12 years and I couldn’t be happier that he has come back!

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The Official ‘Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life’ Trailer Is Here!

Let me be clear with you when I say that I am sobbing over the fact that Richard can’t be a part of this glorious reunion. When they show the funeral I believe those are actual tears too. I just had to get that off of my chest.

I can’t wait for the quick talking, quick witted script, I genuinely can’t wait. I will watch this in one afternoon and probably cry the whole time. We can only hope that they do another season with this cast because I miss it so much.

Watch the trailer, laugh, cry, and be reminded that Lorelai, Emily, and Rory are the best grandmother, mother, and daughter trio ever.

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Watch ‘Gilmore Girls’ Welcome Back Featurette

Let’s be real, ‘Gilmore Girls‘ is and always will be a very special show in the hearts of many.  Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel are absolute dolls and I am ready. I am excited for this little reboot and I hope that they come back with more!

Also, nice to see that Alexis hasn’t aged a day.

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Justin Timberlake Wants Us All To #TimberlakeAndChill On October 12th

So we all know that Justin Timberlake was putting out a Netflix special concert event and now we have a full trailer.

Well wait no longer! The official trailer is here, and can we all appreciate Justin Timberlake and his talent? He can sing, dance, just straight up entertain and doesn’t even need a backtrack. Talent, raw talent, that’s all I can say.

I am ready to #Timberlakeandchill, are you?

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Listen To Wiz Khalifa’s Rap Over The ‘Stranger Things’ Theme Song


Stranger Things‘ is so hot right now. The cast basically took over the Emmys, they have been doing their rounds on late night, it’s like everywhere you turn you see them! I am not complaining though, I am somehow not sick of them yet.

Obviously Wiz Khalifa noticed the nation’s obsession and decided to put out a song over the theme song to ‘Stranger Things’. That is a smart move if you ask me. The song is really good too.

Check it out!


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Justin Timberlake’s Concert Special Is Coming To Netflix!

Justin Timberlake is finally releasing a big concert experience that we have all been waiting for. Instead of going the Taylor Swift route and releasing it exclusively on Apple Music, he decided to go with Netflix! Which will make it much more available, which is awesome!

This goes all the way back to the 20/20 Experience Tour that he went on for what seemed like forever. He started in 2013 and I believe it ended sometime in 2015 or at the very end of 2014. Should be great though. One thing about Justin is that he sings live, he can dance, and he is just a straight up entertainer.

I have a feeling that this is going to be a huge success for him, like most of the things he is involved with (other than trying to be an actor, SNL doesn’t count).

October 12th, you know what I will be doing!

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‘Stranger Things’Renewed For Season 2!


Let’s be real, Netflix would be absolutely nuts not to renew ‘Stranger Things’, the show was an instant hit for the streaming service. Netflix announced that the next season will be coming out next year and will be 9 episodes instead of 8 episodes like the first season. I mean, you can still binge watch it in a day, so that’s good.

I am excited. There were so many cliffhangers at the end of the first season. I know everyone is worried about Eleven, and why Will was in the upside down after he coughed up a slug. Personally I want to know why nobody cared that Barb died, oh and I want to know why Jonathan and Nancy didn’t end up together. We all know they are endgame, right? I watch way too many teen dramas because that was my biggest upset, they didn’t end up together in the last episode. They did share a longing glance though, so we all know.

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The ‘Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life’ Teaser Clip Is Here!

To be totally honestly, I have no words other than that I am ready. ‘Gilmore Girls’ was a huge part of my young adulthood and now it is coming back. Rory and Lorelai have always been my favorite mother, daughter duo.

I am ready.

It airs November 25th, so if you need me at all that day I am going to be binge watching.

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