Demi Lovato is Looking Hot in 2014

ImageSo if you follow my blog you probably realize that I really love Demi Lovato. If there was a chance of her wanting to be a lesbian for me, I would all about it. She is on my “If I were Gay” list as I like to call it. Today she just casually posted this picture on Instagram of her lying out on a beach somewhere in paradise and saying that she is feeling relaxed. Demi had a busy year last year with her new album and being X-Factor, this year will probably be just as busy with her Neon Lights tour.

Demi is one of the members of young Hollywood that deserves all of the praise that she receives. She admits that she has made mistakes in the past and openly talks about it. She isn’t trying to hide or sweep anything under the rug simply because she is human. Then you see people like Selena Gomez who is partying with Bieber but still tries to act all sweet and innocent when she surrounds herself with bad influences. Not a good look for young girls trying to find their way.

It is safe to say that Demi’s struggles are behind her though since she is comfortable enough to post a photo like this. For those who don’t know she also suffered from an eating disorder which was the main source of her treatment. She is only 21 and has already touched so many lives with her story.

Demi you will own 2014, thanks for being an actual good role model for young teens.

Demi Lovato is leaving The X-Factor


So today Demi put out a statement that after this season she will not be returning to The X-Factor and is anyone really all that shocked? Personally I love the concept of X-factor, putting people in different categories, all of that is brilliant. The show just never had much steam to begin with. So I highly doubt that there will even be a next season. It has brought some semi big stars to the spotlight though, by stars I mean the girl group Fifth Harmony who will be opening for Demi in her upcoming tour. Other than that they are just kind of “meh” singers.

I must say I did enjoy this season of the X-Factor because Kelly Rowland seems like a really good time. I feel like as the season went on though Demi wasn’t really into it anymore. Demi is only 21 and was trying to promote her brand along with coaching her team. I do wonder how much say the coaches actually have though. I feel like they just kind of show up for filming and then it is said and done.

You know what Demi good for you jumping off of this sinking ship of a show! You have a tour coming up, a new book, girl you have too much going on to sit behind a damn table! All you have to do is break up with creepy Wilmer Vaalderrama and you will be all set!