Justin Bieber Gets New Neck Tattoo

Let me start off with this disclaimer. Unless you are Travis Barker, Carey Hart, or Machine Gun Kelly, I hate neck tattoos. I think that they are trashy and when you get one, you really don’t have much to lose.

I feel like this is as close as it gets to having a tramp stamp on your head.

Well there he goes again, Justin is back to getting tattoos. I remember a while back when he said he was going to stop getting stupid tattoos, looks like that didn’t last as long as we would have thought. Right now Bieber can do no wrong and I know that, even though I still am not a fan of the new sound. Apparently I am the only one because even my friends who are 24 and 25 love his new stuff, I don’t understand it what so ever.

I will say it is hard for me to see Bieber with this tattoo because it is almost like he thinks he looks hard, like no Bieber you will never be tough, ever.

Anyway, I think this tattoo is stupid but hey, what do I know? I clearly am no longer in the loop.

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Yes, I will admit that I am what they like to call a hater, I will fully admit that.

Justin Bieber Gets A Neck Tattoo

ImageSo just a week or two after saying that he was done with tattoos for a while Justin Bieber shows off a weird neck tattoo? Was neck tattoo even the right wording for that? I mean it is on his neck but it is also up by his ear, so I guess it works. Just look at it though! I mean it could be a peel on one? Just to see how it looks?

I do wonder where Justin’s handlers are though, yes I am aware he is 20 or some shit but someone should be there saying, this tattoo is going to look dumb as fuck. Isn’t that the good thing to do as a friend? I understand he surrounds himself with yes men but someone needs to say no. I don’t understand why he thinks this is a good idea?!

There are only certain people that can pull off neck tattoos, they are Carey Hart, Travis Barker, and Tyga. That is it!

I guess we can call him Vanilla 2 soon right? Ice, ice, baby.