Zac Efron Goes Nearly Nude In Tight Briefs

Zac Efron flaunts her pert derriere while filming the new movie Dirty Grandpa on April 28.

Today the Lord has decided to bless us with this picture of Zac Efron wearing nude colored briefs and looking insanely perfect. He is currently filming a movie with Robert Di Nero and it should be hilarious. I mean who would have thought that Zac would take the turn into comedy? I really thought that he would end up being a romantic comedy type guy, but actual comedy is always god too. Especially when I am going to assume that he is trying to do a nude scene or some sort. I am all about this!

So take a good look, and I can’t wait to see those buns of steel up on the big screen! He was also seen rocking a badass fringe crop top. I never thought I would be attracted to a man in a crop top, yet here I am.

Zac Efron rocks a fringed crop top and striped pants on the set of Dirty Grandpa on April 27.

Zac Efron strips down to his underwear to film a scene for his new movie Dirty Grandpa on April 28.

Dat booty doe.