Ne-Yo Is Back With “Another Love Song” – Listen Here!

Hey Ne-Yo, I thought that you were so sick of love songs.

You see what I did there? Yeah I am pretty hysterical.

Thank God Ne-Yo is back, I have missed his smooth voice. I still blast “Mad” whenever I get the chance, which is probably more frequent than most.

In my opinion, Ne-Yo is one of the most talented guys out there. He can sing, dance, write music. He’s the total package.

As for this song it’s catchy, it shows off Ne-Yo’s voice, and I can bop to it. That’s all I need in this life of sin.

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Ne-Yo Brings Adorable Family To The 2016 Teen Choice Awards

Image Source: Getty / Steve Granitz

Can we all just say this together? Awwww. How adorable right?

Ne-Yo Ne-Yo is one of my all time favorite male vocalists, so I am always excited to see him on an awards show, even if it is the Teen Choice Awards. Fun fact, not only is he a great singer, he has written a ton of songs for other artists that you probably bop to, so we should appreciate him.

Last night Ne-Yo brought his wife and son to the show!

Ne-Yo made a pretty strong point with his performance, taking a stand against gun violence in this country.

Maybe there is hope for the next generation, at least they are seeing that they can stand up against things that they don’t believe in.

So thank you Ne-Yo and I can’t wait for new music!

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