Demi Lovato Performs “Natural Woman” At Global Citizen Festival

Over the weekend Demi Lovato performed at the Global Citizen festival and did was she does best. She slayed. She continues to prove that she has the best voice of any young female vocalist, but some how doesn’t get the commercial success that she deserves.

Okay, I will try not to be salty about that for the rest of the article though.

Demi had a twenty minute set that she absolutely crushed, she really did incredible. She looked great, sounded great, couldn’t ask for anything more from a performer with a powerhouse voice, right?

One of the highlights of her set was when she sang “Natural Woman”, my god. What an incredible cover. She has covered it before but this time, in my opinion it was the best performance of it yet.

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Watch Demi Lovato Effortlessly Cover Aretha Franklin’s “Natural Woman”

Can we all agree that Demi’s voice is extremely underrated? Here she is belting out an Aretha Franklin song, just making it look easy, yet people don’t appreciate her voice. I mean she has her catchy pop songs but she can sing soul! She makes it look so easy too.

I will never understand why Demi doesn’t have the commercial success that she deserves. She is just too good for radio, that is my opinion.

When will we get new music? Demi we all know your last album wasn’t the best, you’ve admitted it. Time to put that behind you and put out some osulful music!

Get it girl.

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