Tiger Woods Arrested For DUI In Florida

Oh Tiger Woods, could be potentially be one of the fastest fall from graces of all time?

I mean growing up Tiger Woods was basically like a God for being so good at golf, he made golf almost cool. Let’s be clear, I said almost cool, not actually cool. Tiger went off to marry a gorgeous model and they had two children together, the guy was at the top of his game. A few years into that marriage though, we found out that Tiger had actually be sleeping with every Denny’s waitress in the south and it all went to hell.

After that happened I don’t think that there was really any coming back from it.

Just when it seemed like he was being good, he gets caught drinking under the influence.

My main question is, why don’t rich people get drivers? I mean they had enough money to afford a driver and then you wouldn’t get in trouble for drinking and driving. It just seems to simple!

So far all that we know is that Tiger was booked and eventually released.

I will update this as soon as we get more information!

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Is Justin Bieber Taking This Arrest As A Joke?


So two things right now, number one this must be how Justin deals with bad stuff, right? I mean he is smiling and looking as happy as ever when he just got arrested on some pretty serious charges. Then can we talk about number two, looks like Pro Active should drop him from his sponsorship, obviously he hasnt been using their product correctly. Mr.Perfect Skin doesn’t look so great without make up, that is for sure.

I know that no guy wants to be crying in their mugshot but smiling like this, it looks like you don’t regret anything. Maybe this is what “swag” looks like? I really have no idea.


Now this is a picture of Bieber leaving jail. Apparently a bunch of Beliebers stood outside the jail and sang to him when he exited the jail. What kind of parents would actually drive their young girls to stand outside of a jail of this guy? I mean he is on a fast landslide to rehab and people are still praising him.

Maybe they don’t realize that Bieber could have killed himself or someone else.

Wake up and smell the roses Beliebers, your idol is a dick and won’t even apologize or acknowledge this because that isn’t what he does. Him and his team just sweep things under the rug and try to make it like nothing happened.

Looks like he is the next celebrity train wreck. All aboard the Bieber express to rehab with maybe a detour to a jail right quick.