Alec Baldwin gets the boot


MSNBC has officially given Alec the bloated bitch Baldwin the boot from his late night show that wouldn’t last anyway. Can you imagine the executives at the station trying to think of a reason to fire him since they knew no one would go on his show anyway? They were probably thinking real hard then he went on his “c*ck sucking f*g” rant and they must have felt a weight lifted off of their shoulders. They were probably waiting for the coke bloated actor to do something else stupid and the second that he did they would drop the axe, looks like that happened.

Honestly though did they really think people would be on his side? One time maybe, maybe he could get away with it once. It has been atl east 5 times in the past two months though. Dude get your anger together. I think that him and Chris Brown should go away together and not bother us normal folk again. Go be angry somewhere else.

Fuck off Alec no one would have watched your show anyway, now stay inside and try not to attack any more people.

Somewhere Tina Fey is shaking her head in disappointment.