Tyler Posey Wears Onesie To 2016 MTV Movie Awards

Tyler Posey
Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

Tyler Posey looking cute as ever on the MTV Movie Awards red carpet. I mean how fucking adorable is he?

Really though, Tyler is so hot. Even wearing a onesie he is so hot. That jawline, that smile, that booty, can’t go wrong!

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Man Crush Monday: Zac Efron

ImageFor some unknown reason Zac Efron has never been one of my man crush Mondays. I have said over and over again how beautiful he is and how I would love to marry him. Some reason I just never put him down at as crush. This week that all changed though! After that whole shirtless thing at the Movie Awards? How could I hate it?

When Zac was in High School Musical I won’t lie, I wasn’t a fan! I didn’t think that he would amount to much, I figured he would be another teen sensation that fizzled out but he proves me wrong! After watching him Charlie St.Cloud I realized that I could potentially be in love with him. Then I saw him in The Lucky One and I realized I was madly in love with him.

Zac has had a tough start to 2014 but he can pull through! I have faith that we will be seeing him for many years to come.

So enjoy your man candy! If you have any ideas for who should be my MCM next week let me know on Facebook!




Grumpy Cat Crushes The MTV Movie Awards Red Carpet


Grumpy Cat absolutely crushed the red carpet this years. I really don’t think that anyone would want to fight me in that issue either. I mean look at Grumpy, look at him! Or her? I don’t know what gender this cat is but it doesn’t matter! Grumpy killed the red carpet. Just killing it with a frown for days and a Pharrell hat, that is absolutely perfect.

Congrats Grumpy! I hope you are on every single red carpet for the rest of eternity because I think that you outwardly express how all of these celebrities feel on the inside knowing most of them will never get nominated for an Oscar.

Rita Ora Strips Zac Efron At The MTV Movie Awards


God bless Rita Ora! That is how so many people are feeling right now after Zac Efron won for best shirtless scene. For those of you who don’t know Zac promised that if he was to win the award, he would accept it shirtless. That had to be why he won, right? I mean who would ever put him over Chris Hemsworth, people wanted to see Zac shirtless!

So when Zac went up there he got all shy and went back on his promise. He wasn’t going to take his shirt off so Rita decided to give the crowd what we all wanted. She ripped off Efron’s shirt and the whole world gasped at the same time. Look at how perfect this man is, look at that body. I think he needs to bulk up but then again I think he is perfect. Greek God status right there!

Thank you Rita Ora because we all know Zac wouldn’t actually accept it shirtless. Thank you for ripping that shit right off of his body. You are one of my new favorite people!