Sandra Bullock Is Named People’s 2015 World’s Most Beautiful Woman!

“Real beauty is quiet. Especially in this town, it’s just so hard not to say, ‘Oh, I need to look like that,’ ” she explains. “No, be a good person, be a good mom, do a good job with the lunch, let someone cut in front of you who looks like they’re in a bigger hurry. The people I find most beautiful are the ones who aren’t trying.”

Daily life for the two revolves around carpools, play dates and “deep” conversations, including a recent one involving Bullock “listening to him tell me why he was going to marry his girlfriend,” she says. “But then we were having Sunday dinner, and he said he changed his mind. I just told him, ‘Always love those who want to love you back and are nice to you.’ Then we moved back to Legos and ‘Why are you making me eat broccoli?’ ”

As a mom, Bullock admits she is wrapped around her son’s finger, “but I will never let him know it. We have rules,” she says. “I let everyone else be the aunties and uncles who spoil him and I’m the one that lays down the law.” (Read more:,,20913899_20915288,00.html)

Well I did not see this choice coming but all I can say is that I support it 100 percent. I think that Sandra Bullock is one of the best celebrities out there. Now, I know that is a big thing to say. It is big to say she is one of the best famous people ever, but I like to think that she is. She went from being publicly humiliated by her ex husband Jesse James, to being one of the most beloved people in Hollywood.

Sandra deserves this award! I mean who else could have been most beautiful? Maybe Reese Witherspoon, maybe. Sandra just seems like such an incredible person inside and out. I mean she was such a boss ass bitch in ‘The Blind Side’ and in ‘Miss Congeniality’, I like to think that Sandra is the next Betty White, just staying relevant forever and eventually being everyone’s favorite old person. That is if Betty even died by then. I like to think that Betty will be the oldest woman to ever live.

Anyway, I don’t really feel like she takes the crown of most beautiful too seriously but congrats Sandra! Keep being awesome!