Sam Hunt Releases New Song “Drinkin’ Too Much”

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If I was to put any kind of label to describe my 2016 it would be that I was always “Drinkin’ Too Much”, no really. My resolution is to not drink like a fish anymore, apparently there’s something called moderation? Okay, enough about my lowkey alcoholism. Sam Hunt, arguably one of the hottest guys in country music has released a new song!

So far, 2017 isn’t so bad. I will take new music from Sam Hunt any day of the week! Last year he had a huge year, then he went around touring and it looks like he is ready to release a follow up to Montevallo.

This song is pretty solid. I know he does that sing,talk thing that a lot of people don’t like but I don’t mind it one bit.

I definitely don’t think that this is his best song up but it seems like he just wanted to release something new. I genuinely really like the lyrics though, so it makes the song a little better.

What do you think? Sound off!

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