Music Monday: Rumors – Jake Miller

Dear everyone stop what you are doing and check out Jake Miller because he is so impressive. He can sing, he can rap, and he is so damn good looking! I mean he has a sound that is similar to Hoodie Allen or even G-Eazy but he is still so original. I am absolutely in love with his sound.

Here’s to hoping that he has a big year in 2016 and everyone can enjoy his incredible sound!

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Man Crush Monday: Joe Manganiello

ImageSo today I was trying to figure out who the best Man Crush Monday would be, I was thinking maybe Benjamin McKenzie since he played Ryan Atwood and just landed a huge role. He is fucking beautiful but he just didn’t seem right. Then I was scrolling through Twitter and saw this picture that Joe Manganiello posted of himself and I thought. Perfect.

Manganiello is the type of guy who always looks good no matter what. He could have long hair or short hair, he could be wearing a shirt or be shirtless. No matter what, he looked INCREDIBLE! It doesn’t hurt that he is about 6’5″ in a Hollywood world where most actors barely crack 5’9″.

I cannot wait for True Blood to come back so I can have him on my television screen every Sunday again. It doesn’t hurt that he starred on one of my all time favorite shows, One Tree Hill either.

Enjoy your man crush! I hope you like it, if you have any suggestions for next week let me know!