Man Crush Monday: Sam Asghari

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Last week I missed posting my Man Crush Monday and I am truly sorry. I know that everyone sits on the edge of their seats waiting to see who I am going to choose. Well this week I decided to go with Sam Asghari, Britney Spears‘ new beau.

In all actuality I am just being a bit lazy about this week because I couldn’t think of anyone else who deserves the title. Sam is a babe though and I don’t think that I have given him enough love on this blog.

He is a model, he is only 23 and he is dating an icon.

So happy Monday everyone!

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Zac Efron Is The New Face Of Hugo Boss

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Last night on Facebook, Zac Efron announced that he was teaming up with Hugo Boss and he would be the new face of men’s aftershave.

Do you know what this means?

Now there will be billboards of Zac’s beautiful face on it, followed by commercials. That’s right, starting at some point in the New Year we will get some Zac Efron on the small screen. He will probably be shirtless and rolling around with a model or something but hey, that’s fine.

The previous face of the company was Theo James.

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Bella Hadid & The Weeknd Have Split

Welp, remember when I wrote about The Weeknd and Bella Hadid both being at the Victoria’s Secret show, and how they would probably have a cute moment? Looks like that isn’t going to be the case.

The couple has reportedly broken up after almost two years together. They met on the set of one of The Weeknd’s music videos and sparks apparently flew, but the flame has fizzled out. No word on who broke up with who, and I am going to guess that we will never know because of how private they are.

Considering Bella is only 20 and The Weeknd is only 26, I am sure that they will both be fine. They are both hot, young, and single now.

Thank you for being a beautiful couple for a while and both being mysteriously beautiful.

For the record they have broken up before and got back together, so maybe there is a chance.

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Candice Swanepoel Shows Off Baby Bump!

Lean on me: Heavily pregnant Candice Swanepoel rested as she showed off her burgeoning belly on Sunday

Rubbing a Buddah’s belly is supposedly good luck, so why not take a photo leaning against a Buddah while you rub your pregnant belly, right?

Candice is by far one of my favorite Victoria’s Secret models of all time and I am so happy for her! In case you didn’t know this will be her first child with longtime love Hermann Nicoli, who she started dating in 2006. The two became engaged just last year, just before her pregnancy was announced.

Looking oohm-believable: She was reclining on an enormous reclining Buddha statue 

Know what is so unfair? She is going to give birth then be able to walk a catwalk a week later.

Candice you’re perfect and congrats to the happy couple! Can’t wait to see the genetically gifted bundle of joy!

UPDATE: I guess this isn’t the Buddah that you’d rub for good luck, I apologize to anyone that I offended with saying that.

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Meet the First Plus-Size Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model, Robyn Lawley

Ahhhhhhh I’m beyond ecstatic to join the amazing @si_swimsuit family!!!!” she wrote on Instagram. “If someone told me at the beginning of my career that this would happen I would of said ‘tell em his dreamin’ haha! Thankyou @mj_day @jamesmacari @ja_neyney @darciebaum and the whole SI awesome peeps for embracing who I am in the 2015 issue!!!!! #letsallstraddlecanoes #SISwim #2015rookie”

First let me say one thing, this is considered plus size? Home girl looks absolutely incredible, and they think that this is plus-sized? I mean, I guess that she would considered plus size due to her pants size which is a 12, but I think that she is healthy size. Wait, that came out wrong. I understand that everyone has different bodies, different shapes, and sizes, and we should all be loved for out bodies no matter what. This just isn’t what I think when I think of someone who is plus-size.

I do like to think that Sports Illustrated has been taking steps in the right direction when it comes to having a more body positive outlook. Last year they had Kate Upton on the cover, Although I think she has the perfect body a lot of people had issues with her. They said that she didn’t have the swim suit type body, whatever that means. Haters gon’ hate. Now they are featuring Robyn, someone who is open about being a plus-sized model. Let’s remember that Robyn stands at 6’2″ too, so here’s one for the tall girls! Most models are tall, but still, Robyn is my new homegirl!

I hope to see more of Robyn all around in every magazine out there. I will say that it is time we stop using the term plus-size model though. It should simply be model, I hope one day that can become a thing.

Who Are Kelly Brooks And David McIntosh?



So I was scrolling through the internet and found this couple, who are they? They are like perfect, right? I mean the girl looks healthy as shit, she isn’t one of those skinny actresses and she can fill out a bikini, and the guy, well just look at him. Apparently they are English celebrities, of course, they have beautiful celebrities! I mean just look at Liam Payne, Prince Harry, David Beckham, the list goes on and on!

After doing some research I guess that Kelly Brooks is a model over there, that was pretty much all I could find out. By find out I mean that is all I scanned over because I don’t really care. Other than modeling she is on Britain’s got Talent and she is an actress. She is beautiful that is all that matters. Homegirl is also 34, look at how incredible she is!

Then there is her gorgeous boyfriend David McIntosh who has an awesome last name. Now apparently he is a model, actor, and used to be in the British army if I remember correctly. Look at him though, I would just like to sit back and watch him for a while. In fact I am probably going to Youtube one of his shoots or something.

Congratulations England for having some of the hottest celebrities in the world. I will keep my eyes on you Daniel, don’t you worry.

This is not sexy Miranda Kerr


Honestly, I have always really liked Miranda Kerr, she seems normal enough. Seemed I should say. I used to think she was one of the pretty Victoria’s Secret angels next to Adriana Lima of course, no one can beat that woman when it comes to looks.Lima was also a virgin until she was married, good for her! You go Lima.

Anyway, back to the subject, Miranda Kerr, really cute little Australian model who married then divorced Orlando Bloom. Well I recently saw this picture and I have a serious question. Is this really considered sexy? I mean look at this, this isn’t sexy right? You can see her ribs and her bra is fucking stupid. I know it is Chanel and I should be crying because I will never be able to afford it but seriously, really? This looks fucking ridiculous!

I am all for women not being Photoshopped in their photos and I don’t think this one is. I just don’t find this the least bit sexy. I feel like this is a model trying too hard. Miranda, go be a mom, you’re cute in that role.

No name Victoria’s Secret Angel vs Taylor Swift


(E!) Looks like Taylor Swift has some mixed reviews from her performance at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. The singer took the stage at the Lexington Armory in NYC on Wednesday, Nov. 13, belting out her hit tunes as a bevy of the VS beauties walked the runway in barely-there attire. And while the “I Knew You Were Trouble” singer may have declared herself “Best Friends Forever” with a few of the Victoria’s Secret Angels, including Lily Aldridge, Erin Heatherton and Cara Delevingne, not every supermodel is singing the songbird’s praises. “I think, you know what, god bless her [Taylor Swift] heart. I think she’s great,” Jessica Hart said to Women’s Wear Daily at the show’s afterparty before throwing some shade at the singer. “But, I don’t know, to me, she didn’t fit. I don’t know if I should say that.” Asked whether the seven-time Grammy winner could pull off being a Victoria’s Secret model, the 27-year-old Australian beauty simply replied, “No.”

First of all can we just talk about how this Angel is obviously just looking to get some publicity. Well it worked because now everyone is mad at her. This girl is clearly just pissed that T.Swift absolutely stole the stage that night, sorry models, T.Swift made you all look silly. In all reality she looked like a damn model up there herself, so I am going to stop typing and just let the pictures do the talking.


 According to Huffington Post Jessica Hart’s PR camp just released this statement.

“Jess was taken out of context, in what she was trying to say was that Taylor thought she didn’t fit, not that Jessica thought she didn’t fit,”

If you can’t stand the heat then don’t even speak bad about T.Swift because her loyal band of followers will rip you apart.

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