NBC Hit Show ‘This Is Us’ Gets Renewed For Season Two & Three!

Most people are aware of the show ‘This Is Us‘ and how it is definitely one of the best shows on television. I swear the writing of the show just continues to get better and better. The acting is definitely the best on television too. The entire cast is amazing and it’s just such a beautiful story of a family.

Well it looks like NBC wants us to know that they are committed to keeping this show on air because it’s beyond amazing.

Looks like I will need to stock up on tissues every single fall because this show knows how to play with your emotions.

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Milo Ventimiglia Rocks A Mustache & Bow-Tie On The Golden Globes Red Carpet

You know, usually I think that mustaches are total turn offs but somehow Milo pulls it off. Never in a million years did I think that I would be attracted to a man with a mustache, but here I am.

Damn Milo, you are just killing this look!

Of course Milo stars in the insanely popular show ‘This Is Us’, and he is a presenter on the Golden Globes tonight!

It looks like he decided to go for a dark blue suit rather than a black suit, something I can appreciate.

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Sterling K Brown Does Push Ups With Co-Stars Milo Ventimiglia & Justin Hartley On His Back

I know that title was a mouthful and I am not really all that sorry about it. I needed to get you guys to open! In case you’ve been living under a rock, Sterling K Brown is on one of the best new shows of the year ‘This Is Us’. I promise you that this show is going to be nominated for just about everything once award season comes around.

Well tonight Sterling took to Twitter to let everyone know that not only is he an incredible actor, he is also extremely strong. Yup!

Tonight he posted videos of putting Milo and Justin on his back and doing a few push ups as they stayed put. Actually all of the guys were doing push ups with each other on their backs. Must be a guy thing, I don’t know but I am kind of into it.

Check out all of the push up competitions below!

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Man Crush Monday: Milo Ventimiglia

Let me start off by saying, if you aren’t watching Milo’s new show “This Is Us” you are really missing out. It is by far one of the best shows on television right now, so get on it!

Alright, now let’s talk about Milo, our Man Crush Monday winner of the week! Milo has been around for what feels like forever. He of course got his big break on “Gilmore Girls” where he played Jess and then went on to “Heroes” where he was one of the lead actors there. He had been able to manage being in the spotlight and continue to at least have small roles on television and movies.

After watch “This Is Us” I became even more attracted to Milo. The show helped me realize that he is actually a great actor with range. Let’s be real when he was Jess he mostly just scowled and said sarcastic comments. I also didn’t like Jess at all but after watching “This Is Us” I am seeing Milo in a whole new light.

One thing about him that I am attracted to is that he seems educated. He speaks very proper and I don’t know. I just think that he is smart. He is also not so bad to look at, which is obviously a plus.

With his little crooked smiled and constantly changing facial hair Milo has won his way into my heart and into hearts of women all over the world.

Happy Monday!

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Mandy Moore Is Returning To Acting In NBC’s ‘This Is Us’

So I am pretty sure that this is going to be a show that I am going to get absolutely hooked on. The preview alone made me emotional. Just sitting at my desk, crying because of how beautiful everything looked.

Now listen, I know I made it seem like Mandy Moore is the only big name that will be on this show but that’s because I am a huge Mandy Moore fan and I am beyond excited that she is going to be back on television. Some other actors involved with the show are Milo Ventimiglia, Justin Hartley, and Sterling K. Brown, just to name a few people.

This show is going to be a hit, it has to be. Also, Shonda Rimes doesn’t write this show so there is a good chance everyone will survive at least the first season, which is always a plus.

Are you excited for ‘This Is Us’ ?

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Milo Ventimiglia Is Returning To ‘Gilmore Girls’!

It has officially been confirmed that Milo Ventimiglia will be coming back as the bad boy with the heat of gold Jess! Milo was in 37 episodes of the original series and made his final exit in season 6 of the show. There is no information how long he will be sticking around on set or anything but, he is back and that is all that matters!

So far we have Rory’s exes Logan and Jess coming back, which is sure to cause some issues in Stars Hollow. We don’t know anything about this new installment of the show though. We know that Netflix has greenlit four episodes, 90 minutes each, but that is about all that we have at the moment.

Let us pray that this ‘Gilmore Girls‘ reboot is incredible. I also hope that Dean comes back to town. Although he was kind of a dick I loved him and Rory together.

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There Was A ‘Gilmore Girls’ Reunion Over The Weekend!

I my opinion ‘Gilmore Girls’ was one of the best shows to ever be on television. It was funny, smart, and had such an incredible mother, daughter dynamic that could never be replaced!  Sure their dialogue was a bit fast and there were corny moments, but the show was really something special.

Over the weekend the cast got together at the ATX convention which seems like the coolest place in the world to be. The writers of ‘Dawson’s Creek’ ended up making an appearance and some other old yet incredible television shows. Back to this specific cast though! This show was lightening in a bottle with the cast, I think we can all agree with that.

No talks of a movie yet but I hope that in time there is one because the series finale was just kind of eh. That is how it left me feeling, eh.

Check out the pictures!

These two, still perfect.

I genuinely believe that Alexis Bledel doesn’t age and it makes no sense.

Rory’s three main men. I will be on team Dean until I die.