Justin Timberlake & Ryan Gosling Reunite At 2017 Oscars

In case you somehow don’t know this, Justin Timberlake and Ryan Gosling both starred on ‘The Mickey Mouse Club’ . Now the two of them are both nominated for Oscars.

Justin and Ryan were very close growing up, in fact they were so close that Justin’s mother had temporary guardianship over Ryan for the last six months of the show. The two were obviously roommates during that time as well.

Recently, Justin said that he and Ryan were no longer close but didn’t give a specific reason as to why they grew apart.

The interaction was a little weird, Ryan didn’t seem like he was interested in being a part of Justin’s opening act, but whatever, it happened.

This moment alone deserves an Oscar because Ryan is doing a great job acting like he is actually interested in talking to Justin.

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Happy 36th Birthday Justin Timberlake!

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Today Justin Timberlake turns 36 years old, which means that we are all getting older. When we were first introduced to JT  he was a fresh faced kid on the ‘Mickey Mouse Club’. Of course a few superstars came from there, but he was one of them.

After that he of course became the ramen noddle haired boy band member that teenage girls melted over.

Through out the course of his career JT has toyed with different sounds and hairstyles but at the end of the day, he is so talented he can make just about anything work. Of course no one could save “The Love Guru” but JT tried, that’s for sure.

Hopefully there will be a new album this year from him, there have been rumblings but nothing has been set in stone.

JT will go down as a legend that’s for sure.

Happy birthday, may it be filled with a lot of Souza tequila.

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