Rihanna Joins Paul McCartney On Stage At Desert Trip!

Over the weekend in Indio, California there was a Coachella for old people, well basically. The first Desert Trip rock festival was held over the weekend and Paul McCartney was there along with The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, The Who, Neil Young, and Roger Waters were all performing.

For the record, it was Mick Jagger who decided to call it the “Coachella for old people”, I wish I was that clever.

Rihanna joined Paul for “FourFiveSeconds” and Paul joked about finally having someone under the age of 50.

Let me be clear, this song? Extremely underrated. Also Rihanna served those vocals. Sir Paul, you slayed too, don’t worry.

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Mick Jagger Is Expecting Baby Number 8!

EXCLUSIVE: **NO WEB**Mick Jagger is spotted looking happy with a female friend on his hotel balcony in Zurich(photo credit)

It looks like Mick Jagger, 72 is having a child with his 29 year old girlfriend Melanie Hamrick, an American ballerina.

Let me start off by saying, good for him for still having sex. I like to believe that after the age of 50 everyone stops having sex and they just go into the mystic with whoever, holding hands, being adorable but not having sex.

The second thing I have to say is, just because you can have a child, doesn’t mean you should. Mick is 72 years old. I understand his girlfriend is much younger and probably wanted a child of her own but still, 72. When he dies, which could literally be tomorrow, that is how old he is, the baby will be well off but still. He is really fucking old and it isn’t fair to the child. Yes, he will inherit a lot of money but there’s a good chance Mick won’t make it to their tenth birthday. Sorry, that was probably mean but I don’t care.

Congrats to the couple though, I mean, it’s really weird but congrats.

I understand they are both over 18, but isn’t it kind of like having sex with your grandpa? What a weird fucking relationship.

I am officially uncomfortable.

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