Michael Ray Releases “Think A Little Less” Music Video

Okay, here it goes, I am a little bit in love with Michael Ray. I mean that voice, those blue eyes, and his perfectly manicured facial hair. Swoon city, right?

Over the weekend Michael dropped his “Think A Little Less” music video and I absolutely love that he is getting the credit that he deserves. His voice is so smooth and so beautiful.

Although I am kind of surprised that this music video didn’t take place in a bar and instead took place in a Malibu beach house, but I won’t complain. He is always on tour so he probably didn’t have a ton of time for this video.

One thing is for sure, we will be seeing a lot more of Michael Ray for a long time to come.

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Listen To Michael Ray Cover Johnny Cash’s “Sunday Morning Coming Down”

Covering songs can be difficult, especially when it is a song written and performed by the late, great Johnny Cash. Michael Ray did an exceptionally good job though, there is no question about that.

Michael performed this for the “Forever Country Cover Series”, where country singers of today cover older country songs.

Considering newer country music is a lot different than classic country, it is always incredible when someone from a newer age covers a song perfectly. Michael’s voice is so smooth and when I think of country singers, I think of his voice.

I won’t continue to ramble! Check out the beautiful cover below.

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Man Crush Monday: Michael Ray

Have you ever seen someone and just went, oh my God. Well that is what happened when I found out who Michael Ray was. I mean I had heard his smash hit “Kiss You in the Morning” but I had never seen his face, until this week. Oh my good God what a beautiful man.

Now I never fully understood the whole country boy thing. I have never been one of those girls who loves Blake Shelton or Luke Bryan, they are cute but eh. Now though, I will pretend to be as country as needed for Michael Ray. I mean those eyes, that perfect stubble, the perfectly styled hair. What more could a woman want? Did I mention he is an incredible singer? Yeah that helps too. Can’t go wrong with that.

I believe that by 2016 Michael Ray will be one of the biggest names in country music. Yup, I said it! He has an incredible voice and he is beautiful, can’t go wrong with that.

Happy Monday!

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