Gigi Hadid & Zayn Malik Couple Up At The 2016 Met Gala

Know why I hate this couple? Because they are much prettier and much cooler than I will ever be, and it is really hard for me to openly admit that. Seriously, look at them. They have been dating for like four months and are already so in love.

Gigi is the shit, I love her. She is hilarious and beautiful and super down to earth, so we are lead to believe at least. I kind of think that Zayn is a dick and his voice is overrated but whatever, he is nice to look at. Well when he looks healthy, sometimes he looks a hot ass mess, but other than that he looks good.

Now let me be while I inhale another sleeve of Oreos.

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Taylor Swift Rocks The 2016 Met Gala Red Carpet

Goth Taylor Swift has officially taken over. Goth or punk rock? I don’t know but I am assuming her next album is going to be totally different, it will have a completely different feel.

Tonight is Taylor’s night, she is the chair at the Met Gala which is apparently a huge deal in the fashion world, one of the highest honors.

I have a question Taylor, where’s Calvin? Hmmm…

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Beyonce Wears A Latex Dress To The 2016 Met Gala

In case you were wondering what Beyonce would look like in a bedazzled condom. There you have it. This is what Beyonce would look like if she was wearing a bedazzled condom.

I also hope that there are no elevator fights tonight, although I kind of hope that there are some elevator fights because I think Beyonce needs more attention lately.

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Did Selena Gomez Hit Or Miss With Her Met Gala Outfit?

Obviously Selena is beautiful but did she miss with this one? I kind of hate everything about it.

I mean I don’t know much about fashion but I feel like compared to everyone else she just sort of missed. Maybe she was going for a 90’s grunge thing and just gave up? I am not sure. The boots are badass but everything else is very bland compared to how everyone else dressed.

So you fashion people tell me, do you love it or hate it? I need to know.

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Demi Lovato Looks Incredible At The 2016 Met Gala

My lord Demi! I don’t think that I have ever seen her look better and I truly mean that. Like I have said over and over again, I don’t know much about fashion but I do know when something looks incredible.

Demi’s hair is beautiful, her dress is beautiful, and that is all that I can say.

Fierce doesn’t even begin to describe how she looks!

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Nick Jonas Looks Dapper At The 2016 Met Gala

Things that Nick Jonas doesn’t get enough credit for.

  1. His voice
  2. His looks
  3. His style

There is no reason that Bieber it at the top of the charts but Nick Jonas isn’t. Sorry that is a bit personal.

I must admit though, I don’t think that Nick has ever looked better. I am in love. Sorry not sorry.

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Lady Gaga Slays The Red Carpet At The 2016 Met Gala

Now I don’t know much about fashion, I don’t know much about the Met Gala but I know it is a very big deal, I know that much.

I think that Lady Gaga wins for the night though, that is something I am sure of. If they give out awards here then she wins an award. If you can walk in those shoes you deserve every fashion award out there.

I will stop talking, let’s just sit back and watch Gaga slay.

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Selena Gomez Looks Incredible In White At The 2015 Met Gala

So I don’t know if people are aware of this but lately Selena Gomez has been getting all types of shit because she has gained a little weight. Now listen, I hated even writing that. People gain and lose weight constantly and being in the limelight probably doesn’t make it much easier. Selena Gomez looks absolutely incredible though.

She is filling out, that is all. She is no longer built like a 12 year old, she is coming into her own and she is killing it. I like the curves. I say keep doing what you’re doing Selena!

One of my favorite looks of the evening. Everything from her hair, to her dress, to her make up was on point.

Beyonce Wears Nearly Naked Dress To The 2015 Met Gala!

Embedded image permalink

So I am guessing that the idea of the Met Ball is to wear almost nothing, but just enough to cover up the goodies. Beyonce literally looks like she had some super glue on her then rolled around in glitter. I mean she is killing it, she looks awesome so I can’t even be mad.

I wonder if Kim and Beyonce made a bet about who could wear a dress but still cover less of their body. I mean I think that Beyonce wins this one.

I’m sorry Kim but Beyonce had the best see through dress at the 2015 Met Gala!

I wonder if Kanye will say that at the end of the night, you know because he is obsessed with Beyonce.

Reese Witherspoon Slays The 2015 Met Gala Red Carpet!

reese witherspoon met gala 2015 03

Honestly how is Reese Witherspoon even real? I mean does she even age? In my opinion Reese can do absolutely no wrong. Except maybe that movie with Chris Pine and Tom Hardy, whatever that was it wasn’t good.

Look at this though! Reese just slaying the red carpet, all five foot nothing of her showing some leg, incredible eye make up, and a gorgeous necklace! I do wish she did something different with her hair, but whatever I am game for anything that Reese does!

Slay Reese slay!

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