Watch Shawn Mendes Perform Acoustic Version Of “Mercy” In Empty Madison Square Garden

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Shawn Mendes has come a very long way in the past year and he is commemorating it by releasing an album live from Madison Square Garden. It will drop on December 23rd just in time for the holidays.

In order to tease his album Shawn also released a video of him performing his nweest song “Mercy” in an empty Madison Square Garden, it is actually pretty powerful. Shawn’s vocal ability has grown so much and it is great to see and hear.

Shawn, boy you be killin’ ’em.

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Shawn Mendes & Niall Horan Sing “Mercy” In Perfect Harmony

Know what the best part of being in a boy band is? You can harmonize with just about anyone. Well that is what I am assuming is one of the perks, and the fact that you’re making millions, but the harmonizing is key.

Backstage at the AMA awards, Shawn Mendes and Niall Horan took a minute to do some harmonizing of their own! The two have said in the past that they would love to work together and it looks like as for now, this is the closest we will get to it! For now at least.

Also, I will not apologize for this blog being so Niall heavy lately, he is just a sweet baby angel and I love him.

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@niallhoran is a lad

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