Justin Timberlake Tears Up During Memphis Hall Of Fame Introduction

Justin Timberlake Wipes Away Tears and Thanks His 'Rock' Jessica Biel During Memphis Hall of Fame Induction| Memphis, Music News, Jessica Biel, Jimmy Fallon, Justin Timberlake

Over the weekend Justin Timberlake traveled to his hometown of Memphis to be inducted into the hall of fame. I didn’t even know that Memphis had a music hall of fame but it makes sense. Blues was basically born in Memphis and a lot of greats came out of the city.

Let’s put it this way, Justin is now in the company of Johnny Cash, B.B. King, Al Green, Jerry Lee Lewis, and the king Elvis Presley, just to name a few. Obviously being in the same category as such legends would make anyone emotional.

Check out the video below where he talks about Hollywood and his wife Jessica Biel. Jimmy Fallon does an introduction and Justin comes out around the 10 minute mark just so you know!

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