Ed Sheeran Serenades Young Hospitalized Superfan


I’m not crying you’re crying, okay maybe I am crying too. Ed Sheeran decided to perform for one of his youngest superfans. Her name is Melody and according to her parents she has been hospitalized for about 80% of her life.

Melody suffers from a rare disease called Rett Syndrome. Although she can now walk or talk her mother says that he can understand everything. Ever since 2014, Melody has always enjoyed Sheeran’s music, rocking back and forth to it in her hospital bed, the nurses even play it during procedures to keep her calm.

Sheeran stopped by the Epsom Hospital in Surrey on November 9th to play a special mini concert for Melody.

Take a second to watch Melody enjoy her time with one of her favorite musicians.  Good work Ed, you’re a class act.

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