Forget Sporty Spice, Listen To Mel C’s New Song “Dear Life”

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Let’s be real, Sporty Spice had the absolute best voice out of the Spice Girls. Sure, Scary and Ginger could sing, but Sporty always brought the vocals! She served them and the other girls tried to keep up. That might be an unpopular opinion but I also don’t care what so ever.

Today Mel C released a song called “Dear Life” and I am absolutely obsessed with this song. I mean really, her voice is so damn good.

Check out the song,  it’s a good one.



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Melanie C Posts Cute Birthday Wish To Emma Bunton

Happy Birthday to the most wonderful, kind, talented and beautiful friend. You’ll always be our baby. Have a wonderful day my love. First year we haven’t celebrated our Birthdays together in a long time. Watch out London when we make up for it! Love you!

Know what I love? I love the Spice Girls? Know who my two favorites were? Sporty Spice and Baby Spice, because they were both perfect. I always thought I was Sporty so of course I identified with her more but I always wanted to be blonde, so Baby spice was my seven year old hairpsration.

I really wish that Posh Spice would pull the stick out of her ass and let there be another reunion. It isn’t like she ever really sang anyway! Victoria Beckham you upset me greatly with your unhappy face and lack of talent, but you still stop another Spice Girl reunion with that. The Olympics wasn’t enough for me! I will not rest until there is another world tour!

I hope I don’t seem too angry while writing this, trying to keep my blood pressure down, not good for the heart.

Happy birthday Baby Spice! Thank you Sporty Spice for still being awesome.

Can you two just come back on tour? Thank you.