Megan Fox & Brian Austin Green Welcome Baby Number 3!

So I am guessing that this means that Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green are staying together? Last year Megan filed for divorce, then found out she was pregnant and the couple hadn’t made any progress to finalize the divorce.

The couple welcomed their third son on August 4th, Journey River, is his name and apparently everyone is doing well. The couple have two sons together already, Noah, 4 and Bodhi, 2, so I can only imagine how crazy busy that household is. Brian also has a son Kassius, 14 from a previous relationship.

Congrats to the couple and congrats to the baby for having incredible genes!

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Megan Fox Is Still Set To Divorce Brain Austin Green

Yesterday news go out that Megan Fox is expecting baby number three and although there was some speculation, her soon to be ex-husband Brian Austin Green is in fact the father, and it will be their third child together.

According to TMZ, Megan is still going through with the divorce. She filed for divorce back in August but the two remained close, and now we know that they actually have remained very close. Reports had said that Austin never even moved out of the home that they share together.

TMZ reports “There would be big consequences by pulling the divorce. Megan’s the breadwinner, so all the money she’s earned since her separation is hers, including the loot for her latest ‘Ninja Turtles’ flick. 86ing the divorce would change all that.”

So congrats to the couple for having another baby and congrats on still wanting to be divorced?

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Megan Fox Is Pregnant With Baby Number 3!

Megan Fox pregnant baby bump

Megan Fox coming in hot sporting a baby bump. For so long so many women hated on Megan Fox because she is beautiful and can act, but I have to say, I haev always been a fan. Say what you will about her but she really has never been in the news for anything bad. Other than comparing Michael Bay to Hitler, probably not the best comparison.

Now, Megan and Brian Austin Green reportedly split after 11 years together last year, but have remained close since announcing the split. I believe they even still live in the same house, well that’s what reports have said. The couple do share two children, Noah who is 3, and Bohdi who is 2. Damn girl, you’re about to have three toddlers so God bless!

Everyone is starting to freak out because no one knows who the baby daddy is. My bets are on Brian Austin Green but who knows! Also, why is it out business? Obviously America wants to know everything about everyone, that is why our hair is so big, but is it really our business?

Remember back when January Jones got pregnant wouldn’t say who the father was? To this day she hasn’t said who the father of her son is and the world eventually got over that.

Congrats to Megan though!

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IMDb’s Top 25 Stars of All Time*

1. Johnny Depp
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7. Orlando Bloom
8. Jennifer Lawrence
9. Robert Pattinson
10. Leonardo DiCaprio
11. Kristen Stewart
12. Bruce Willis
13. Emma Watson
14. Christian Bale
15. Scarlett Johansson
16. Lindsay Lohan
17. Jessica Alba
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19. Megan Fox
20. Vin Diesel
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25. Tom Hanks

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Well that isn’t the list that I was expecting. I mean what the fuck? Pardon my swearing but that is the only thing I can say to make sense of this list. Listen, I understand Johnny Depp being a high ranking, the highest rank. He had some shitty movies but he is a good actor but why the actual fuck is Tom Hanks after Lindsay Lohan? What the hell is happening?

Pamela Anderson rounds out the top five? Orlando Bloom is ahead of Leonardo DiCaprio? I really just can’t make sense of this at all.

IMDb, fix your list, this shit doesn’t even make sense.

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Megan Fox & Brian Austin Green Have Reportedly Split After 11 Years Together

It has been reported that actress Megan Fox and actor Brian Austin Green have officially called it quits after 11 years of being together. They have been married 5 years but reports are saying that the two of them have been living separately for a few months now, which seems to be the way these things are going this summer. This summer full of sadness and heartbreak.

Megan Fox is one of my favorite celebrities because she is hilarious. A lot of girls hate on her because she’s super pretty, but good for her! Sure she has “allegedly” had plastic surgery, but she is still killing it! She’s had two kids and is still perfect. Brian, well you’re time has come and gone.

These two share two children together and no word on any of that.

I really thought that this couple was going to make it! Then again I thought Gwen & Gavin were going to make it, I thought that Ben & Jen were going to make it. Clearly I am not good at judging who is going to make it! Anyway, these two had been through a lot, a few break ups, when Shia said he banged Megan on the set of “Transformers” and she had to address that it happened while her and Brian were broken up.

Eleven years is a long time to be with anyone and Brian you have had one of the hottest women in Hollywood for eleven years. Now she is going to be single, if this was 2009 people would be going nuts about it. Megan has remained fairly low key over the past couple years though, her comparing Michael Bay to Hitler was a bit of a downfall for her.

Just another celebrity split for the summer of 2015, whatever.

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Megan Fox & Brian Austin Green Welcome Baby Number 2!

ImageCongrats to Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox for welcoming another little bundle of joy into the world! They haven’t released a name or anything yet but they had another little boy. These two are so beautiful I can only imagine how stunning their children will be. Maybe they will even be as good looking at the Beckhams! Just kidding, no one will ever be that good looking.

Megan Fox is really one of my absolute favorite people in Hollywood for a few reasons. Number 1, everyone considered her to be a slut when she has been with Green since she was 18 I think she said in an interview. Boom, on to the next reason. She is fucking hilarious. I don’t understand why she isn’t in more comedic roles, she is just hilarious, nothing else to say about that one. The third and final reason is that she is absolutely stunning. People say that she is fake looking but I don’t care, Megan is gorgeous.

Honestly, the ultimate M.I.L.F and D.I.L.F couple right there though, am I right?

Congrats to the happy couple on another healthy little boy!