Man Crush Monday : Luke Evans

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Luke Evans is so hot right now, I can’t even stand it.

If you didn’t know he plays Gaston in the live action ‘Beauty and the Beast’ which came out over the weekend. He reportedly plays Gaston absolutely perfect.

So what makes him the Man Crush Monday , a title so coveted on this website? I mean, just look at him. He isn’t that hard to look at, very easy on the eyes, but he is also so damn charming on every interview I have seen him on over the past few weeks. One of the most likable guys out there right now.

Luke has already made himself a name over in England but I think after this role of Gaston he will be even more popular in the States. At least I hope so because I would like to see his face in more movies.

Another amazing thing about Luke, he is a member of the LGBTQ community. So unfortunately I am not his cup of tea but hey, I can still look and have a crush, right?

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Man Crush Monday : Big Sean

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When I first started to do my weekly Man Crush Monday posts about three years ago, I was doing my best to never post the same person twice. So far I think I have been doing a pretty good job. I have only repeated a few people but no one has even been a three time winner of the crown.

Today I am picking someone I know that I have put before, but he is well deserving, Big Sean.

Big Sean is one of the biggest and in my opinion best rappers out there right now. His album I Decided is absolute fire, and if you haven’t listened to it just yet, I would highly recommend it. The beats used, his flow, everything about it genius.

So clearly he is extremely talented, but he also isn’t so bad to look at. He always looks good on the red carpet and there is just something so sexy about a man that can dress well. He even teamed up with Puma because of his fashion sense.

My favorite feature about Sean though? His smile.

Happy Monday and listen to I Decided if you haven’t yet!

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Man Crush Monday : Ed Sheeran

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Usually I try not to ever repeat a Man Crush Monday, and I am honestly not sure if I have written one about Ed Sheeran before. A part of him thinks that I have but then the other part doesn’t care because he deserves to get the title twice.

Right now Ed is probably the biggest artist on the planet. His recent album ‘Divide’ is at the top of the charts, he is performing all over award shows and late night, and he is now comfortable to be shirtless.

That’s an absolute glow up if you ask me.

Really though, Ed is by far one of my favorite artists right now. He writes his own music, plays guitar, and his live performance is insane. It’s just him, his guitar, and some kind of mixing soundboard that he put together.

Ed thanks for writing songs that make us all fall even more in love with you.

Happy Monday!

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Man Crush Monday : Jimmy Kimmel

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I know a lot of people think that Jimmy Kimmel is kind of a dick, but I think that he is hilarious. He isn’t afraid to make jokes and he doesn’t just try and kiss up to whoever he is interviewing, like the other Jimmy does.

Last night I thought that Jimmy did a great job with his hosting duties and it wouldn’t surprise me if he was asked back. Other than the weird Best Picture winner thing that happened last night, Jimmy’s hosting duties went off without a hitch.

Anyone who drops candy and cookies from little parachutes is a friend of mine.

So he did great last night, he kept his feud with Matt Damon alive and was just political enough where it wasn’t overbearing.

Happy Monday, let’s all be strong together since the Oscars went on past midnight last night!

Let me add, that salt and pepper beard was the best decision that Jimmy Kimmel has ever made.

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Best Picture Vominee Matt Damon #Oscars

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Man Crush Monday: LaRoyce Hawkins

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So like many people I watch the NBC hit show ‘Chicago PD’. Soon enough I am sure that there will be an entire channel dedicated to the city that Dick Wolfe saw so much potential in with crime dramas.

Anyway, I know that all the ladies swoon over Jesse Lee Soffer but for me, I love LaRoyce Hawkins. I genuinely think that he is one of the best actors on the show and I am glad that he is finally getting some more love on the show. By love I of course mean better story lines.

LaRoyce is not only a talented actor, he is also known for spoken word poetry and I genuinely believe that we will see a lot more from him in the future, although I don’t know if ‘Chicago PD’ will ever end.

So LaRoyce is an absolute babe, I just want to throw that out there. He reminds me of a teddy bear and I just want to hug him, because of those giant muscles.

Happy Monday!

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Man Crush Monday : Chris “CT” Tamburello

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In case you didn’t know MTV’s ‘The Challenge’ came back last week and the super twist is that former champions will be coming back to face underdogs. Honestly, all that I care about is that CT will soon be on our screen again. He is of course the bad boy from Boston, but it seems as though he has turned over a new leaf.

He of course fell in love with fellow competitor Diem Brown who passed away a year ago, and he said he was done with the challenges. That was until he had a son. That’s right, CT is now a certified DILF. In his own words he said that he wanted to show his son that he has changed a bit.

So from being the bad ass from Boston to becoming a bit of a sweetheart of ‘The Challenge’. He has blue eyes, he is a bit of a bad boy, and abs that don’t quit, so yeah, there’s that.

I am really rooting for him this season, hopefully he can pull out the win!

Happy Monday!

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Man Crush Monday : Chris Hogan

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If you hate the Patriots, I totally get it. I mean they are a great team and a lot of people hate teams that win a lot, I understand. Let’s be real though, even if you hate them you have to admit one thing. They have a really, really good looking team.

Last night the Patriots went on to beat the Steelers and there was one player who really stood out and had an incredible game. Chris Hogan. The team worked together of course but Chris Hogan went above and beyond, probably having one of the best games of his career.

Some fun facts about the star, he is married to his college sweetheart who is a doctor and they are expecting twins. He stands at 6’1″, and he was actually a college lacross player rather than football player, it just so happened that he was good at both so it worked out in his favor.

Happy Monday and may we see Chris Hogan’s beautiful blue eyes as he holds up the Lombardi trophy!

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Great win boys!! #letsgooo #postseason #pats

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Man Crush Monday : Antonio Brown

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As a fan of the  Patriots I feel kind of weird making Antonio Brown my Man Crush Monday this week because I hope he sucked this upcoming Sunday. I really hope that the Steelers lose and the Patriots will go to the Super Bowl. There’s one thing I can do though, I can appreciate a good looking man.

This past season Antonio Brown has been a star for the Pittsburgh Steelers. He is also known for his insane touchdown dances but he has calmed down a bit on that.

Over the weekend the Steelers were able to win against the Chiefs and Antonio flashed his megawatt smile and I fell in love all over again.

He is definitely one of the best looking players in the NFL and he is also very charismatic which just makes him even better if you ask me. Plus he has rocked some pretty strange haircuts in his day, something I can respect.

So happy Monday, again I am rooting for the Patriots but I can appreciate a good looking man when I see one!

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Man Crush Monday : Colin Farrell

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Remember when Colin Farrell was the ultimate bad boy back in the early 2000’s? He was known for smoking on the red carpet and briefly dating Britney Spears among others. It nearly ruined him, but here he is. Now it is 2017 and he was just nominated for a Golden Globe. That’s an improvement if you ask me.

Colin is definitely one of the best looking guys in Hollywood and like a glass of wine, he just keeps getting better looking with age. Something that we should all just take a moment to appreciate.

I blame Colin for my attraction to men with a five o’clock shadow because I am pretty sure he has never been fully clean shaven. Okay, don’t Google that, I am probably wrong.

Seeing him walking down the red carpet with his mother last night though, it was swoon worthy.

Sure he may have had his bad boy days but he has calmed down and lives outside of Los Angeles. He is 40 years old and now the father of two boys, and seems to just love being a dad.

Thanks for being consistently good looking Colin, you’re one I can always count on.

Mum's the word! Colin Farrell  arrived in style with his glamorous mother Rita at the 74th Golden Globes at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles on Sunday

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Man Crush Monday : Alexander Ludwig

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One thing is for sure, Alexander Ludwig has grown up a lot since her first starred in the first installment of the ‘Hunger Games’ movies. He was still pretty jacked, but he kind of had a baby face back then. Now he stars in ‘Vikings’ and is a total badass.

Hot damn.

Alexander is 24 years old, he is 6’2″, and has eyes as blue as the ocean. He can also rock some pretty sexy facial hair, so that’s always a plus in my book.

For the past four years he has been starring in the hit show ‘Vikings’ where he plays, well a super hot viking.

I think in a few years Alexander will be one of the hottest actors in Hollywood.

Happy first Monday of 2017!

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