Man Crush Monday: Niall Horan

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Niall Horan has always been my favorite member of One Direction, no idea why. He kind of reminded me of Brian Littrell, just like a goof and all of that. So that’s probably it.

Anyway, I am really loving all of the new solo stuff that Horan is putting out. He is absolutely killing it. I know that Harry is getting a lot of praise for his album, which is great, but Niall reminds me of John Mayer or something, just incredible.

After he released “Slow Hands” I immediately needed an album. So far there is no set date for an album but hopefully one will be out soon!

Niall Horan, just a sweet baby angel who has “Slow Hands”, blue eyes, and just the right amount of stubble.

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Rocco rose . ūüė†ūüė†.

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Man Crush Monday : Dan Reynolds

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I think that we can all agree that Imagine Dragons are an amazing band. With their new music it just proves that they are getting better and better rather than remaining stagnant.

Last night on the Billboard Music Awards, I thought that they had the third best performance of the night! Sorry guys, nothing can top Cher or Celine, but they did incredible.

Their lead singer is also a total babe and I found out a very awesome fact, he and I share the same birthday. It’s July 14th if you are thinking about getting either of us something.

Dan is also a dedicated father of three little girls and a loving husband. That’s right it just keeps getting better.

So there you have it, great singer, great songwriter, great husband, great father, and just all around good looking guy.

Happy Monday!

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Man Crush Monday: Brandon Larracuente

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It’s pretty obvious that Hannah deserved better in ’13 Reasons Why’ but know who else deserves better? Jeff Atkins! Although, we all already knew that if you’ve watched the show.

I have been meaning to make Brandon Larracuente my Man Crush Monday for quite some time now but I kept forgetting. I know, I’m the worst.

Brandon is fairly new to the acting game, although he has been playing Kyle Chandler’s son on Netflix’s original series ‘Bloodline’. Other than ’13 Reasons Why’ and ‘Bloodline’ though, he is basically just a credited supporting actor with no lines.

There is zero doubt in my mind that Brandon is going to land himself to star in a CW show at some point, either The CW or Freeform, get ready.

Happy Monday!

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Man Crush Monday : Hugh Jackman

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Last night was the MTV Movie & TV Awards and Hugh Jackman won alongside his ‘Logan’ co-star Dafne Keen for best duo. When he walked on stage it reminded me that he is actually one of the best looking guys in Hollywood, and he has been for a long time now.

Hugh is 6’2″, super jacked, and 48 years old. He is someone who is definitely just getting better with age, a little salt and pepper hair just makes him even better looking. Can we agree on that?

He has been Wolverine of course, he has danced on Broadway, acted in dramas, there is nothing this man can’t do. Remember when he sang live in the ‘Les Mis’ movie? Yeah, fucking incredible.

That smile, those green eyes, and those muscles. Oh, did I mention he is Australian? I mean, of course he is Australian, everyone from Australia is good looking.

Happy Monday!

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Man Crush Monday : Harry Styles

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I can’t even lie, I am very excited for solo Harry Styles. His first song “Sign Of The Times” was definitely a surprise at how great it was.

Listen Directioners before you start yelling at me, I knew that Harry was the main vocalist but I didn’t realize how great his voice was. You all get so angry when you think people are being negative.

Well anyway, now that Harry has tamed his hair a bit and looks like he has taken a few showers, I am definitely about it. Now of course I think Liam is the best looking former One Direction member, I am starting to see Harry in a different light.

Considering his solo album comes out in two weeks, May 12th, and he has announced his first solo world tour, I am about this solo Harry mission.

Happy Monday!

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Thank you @rollingstone

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Man Crush Monday : Isaiah Thomas

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In case you haven’t noticed I am a big sports fan.

Just kidding, I just like to look at athletes. I can watch sports and understand them but I don’t, that simple. I simply Google good looking athletes and make my picks from there!

Last night though, Isaiah Thomas came in clutch for the Celtics. They are in the playoffs, I don’t know what round but I know it is a big deal, that’s all I know. I know that they didn’t play well the past two games but last night, Isaiah played his heart out and the Celtics ended up winning.

From what I am told, Isaiah is basically the heart and soul of this years Celtics team.

Now there are a lot of reasons why I am attracted to Isaiah Thomas. The first is that he is a dedicated husband and wife, come on, that’s adorable. The second is that he kind of reminds me of Ja Rule a little bit when he wears his sweatband, and the final reason is that he is only 5’9″. He is almost a foot shorter than everyone else out there but he is still killing it.

So keep on making Boston proud Isaiah.

Happy Monday!

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Man Crush Monday : Kendrick Lamar

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Kendrick Lamar is absolutely one of the most important rappers out at this very moment. I would say that between him and J. Cole there isn’t anyone out there with more important lyrics.

Kendrick’s last two albums have been absolutely brilliant. I loved them both but his latest album, ‘DAMN’ it’s on another level. It’s been on repeat since it’s release, just a great song to bump in your car, and it actually has deep meaning to it. Can’t complain about either of those things.

Not only is Kendrick one of the most lyrically talented rappers I have ever heard, he is also pretty cute. I mean he only stands at 5’5″ but I am still about it. Nothing wrong with being pocket sized!

Happy Monday and if you haven’t downloaded ‘DAMN’ go do it now!

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Image result for kendrick lamar 2016

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Man Crush Monday : Russell Westbrook

Over the weekend Russell Westbrook¬†broke an NBA record with his 42nd triple-double¬†in one season. Now what is a triple double? I am glad you asked because I really had no idea, I just saw that he hit a shot from almost half court to win a game for his team. I didn’t know what he broke a record by doing it!

Well a triple–double is “the achievement of a double-digit total in three of five statistical categories (assists, blocks, points, rebounds, and steals) over the course of a single game” (Google).

Other than that, Russell is also in the running for being MVP, another huge achievement!

So all of those are pretty amazing achievements but let’s talk about the fact Russell is a total babe and charitable as well. He has his own reading room at local schools, to try and motivate young people to read. So not only is he an actual model, he is also a pretty solid role model.

Happy Monday!

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Man Crush Monday : Chad Michael Murray

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Whether you fell in love with Chad when he was on ‘One Tree Hill’ or ‘Gilmore Girls’ or when he played Austin in ‘A Cinderella Story’, there is a good chance you had a crush on him at some point.

There was a moment during your young teenage years when you were sure you needed to find a man like Chad Michael Murray.

The good news for us is that Chad is still a certified babe. He is currently starring on the CMT hit show ‘Sun Records’ and he is now married with two children but hey, it just means he has grown up. There were a lot of stories about Chad for a while, but it looks like he had grown up and is living the dream.

With those blue eyes, dimples, and jawline, how could you not have a poster of him on your wall at some point.

Even through all of the questionable hairstyles and colors, he’s always had our eye.

So Chad, I am glad you’re still out there doing the damn thing and I am glad you’re aging like a fine wine.

Happy Monday!

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Man Crush Monday : Ben Feldman


Image result for ben feldmanBefore you ask me why I decided to choose Ben Feldman for my coveted Man Crush Monday position, I want to ask you to do something. Look at the photo above. That’s really all that you have to do.

Ben is a total babe, but not one of those babes who is kind of intimidating. He looks like he would read you poetry then pour you a glass of wine. That’s sexy. Not intimidating but it’s still sexy.

Currently Ben is starring in the NBC hit show ‘Superstore’. Somehow there are people who still haven’t watched it and to those people I say, for shame.

This isn’t the first hit show that Ben has starred in though, he was also in ‘Mad Men’, ‘Living With Fran’, ¬†and ‘Drop Dead Diva’. So if you can’t place him, try any of those three shows.

Weirdly enough he usually plays a character whose name starts with a J. No seriously, he has played Jonah, Justin, Jason, Jimmy, John, Josh, and Jake.

So with that smile, those big hazel eyes, and perfectly groomed hair. How could I not pick Ben Feldman this week?

Also, watch ‘Superstore’, Thursdays at 8 on NBC, you can thank me later.

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