Happy Birthday Mariah Carey!

Whether you hate her or you love her, there is no denying that Mariah Carey changed the music game when she stepped onto the scene. Mariah’s vocal range is out of this fucking world, let’s be real.

Mariah has 5 Grammy awards, 18 number one singles, and has sold over 200 million records world wide.

Say what you will about her New Year’s Eve performance this past year, but Mariah is a living legend. I am sure that she would tell you that herself.

Happy birthday darling, may you spend it in your bathtub with a lot of wine!

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Mariah Carey’s New Year’s Eve Performance Was The Ending 2016 Deserved

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey had a moment in Times Square while performing for New Years Rockin Eve. Unfortunately this wasn’t some private gig or anything, she was on the world’s stage and well, her performance was a hot ass mess.

It was clear that something went wrong, who knows what it was, whether it was the sound or whether it was Mariah, we may never know!

As Mariah started to sing “Auld Lang Syne” the sound that came over the speakers was actually “Fantasy” one of her all time biggest hits. She then let the crowd know that she couldn’t ear, you could see her struggling with her earpiece.

After “Emotion” started to play and Mariah just gave up. She couldn’t hear and just strutted around the stage letting the crowd know that they didn’t have a soundcheck or anything like that. She then just told the crowd to sing her song. It was really just very weird to see.

Let me be clear about something though. Everyone is giving Mariah shit for lip-syncing but when singers do big performances like this, they usually have some type of backtrack behind him. It is a huge open area, they need to have a backtrack. It is just how it works.

I give her credit for staying on the stage though. Clearly there was something technically wrong but she just walked around, talked to the crowd.

I am praying for whoever messed it up though because you know Mariah probably killed them. No one makes Mariah look bad, only Mariah makes Mariah look bad!

For the record, 2016 didn’t deserve a good performance by Mariah. The year was a fucking mess and so was one of the headlining performances.

America, we deserved that awful performance.

Mariah did have the perfect response to the messiness too.

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Mariah Carey Judges A Bunch Of Santas In Funny or Die Sketch

Let’s be real, Mariah Carey is absolutely the Queen of Christmas. I don’t care what anyone says. Whenever it is Christmas time “All I Want For Christmas” is one of the most played songs on the radio, for good reason too! It is the best holiday bop of all time!

This CHristmas season Mariah has been very giving. She has done a few performances and now putting together a few Funny or Die skits to continue on with the season of giving.

Thank God Mariah has previous judging experience, remember when she was on ‘American Idol’? Yeah, I kind of wish that we didn’t have to remember that.

Check out Mariah judging Santas along with a few other goodies!

Merry Christmas y’all!

Mariah is becoming so much self aware but she also still recognizes that she is royalty.

Such a legend.

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Watch James Corden Sing “All I Want For Christmas” With Mariah Carey, Adele, & More!

I keep saying that James Corden is the kind of late night at the moment and I am going to firmly stick with it, especially after this skit. I absolutely love everything about it. Obviously he has been planning this Carpool Karaoke for a while since a lot of these carpools happened over the summer and it makes me love it more.

Any video that has Mariah Carey , Demi, Adele, Selena , Lady Gaga, and Elton John all singing in it is definitely something I can get behind. Of course there were a few other people in it but whatever.

James, keep doing the damn thing, you’re winning.

Also, this is the best Christmas song ever, right?

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Mariah Carey And Beyonce Had A Moment In New York City

Image result for mariah carey and beyonce

It seems like Beyonce and Mariah Carey have always been pretty friendly with each other. If you Google photos of them together a ton of them come up and they look pretty natural. Personally I think that Mariah Carey would be a ton of fun to hang out with because she’s just a tiny bit delusional and she can also pound bottles of wine, my kind of girl. So I could see why Beyonce wouldn’t mind spending time with her.

Over the weekend Mariah had a show in New York and it looks like Beyonce came out to show her support.

Mariah posted a photo of the two of them, along with a sweet caption.

See, divas can play nice, sometimes.


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Mariah Carey Announces New Music From Her Bathtub

This is Mariah Carey‘s world, we are all just living in it. No really, that is exactly how Mariah thinks of this life. She only cares about herself and her kids, everyone else? Peasants.

Is this the most Mariah Carey thing ever though? I mean seriously. This is the same lady who did an episode of cribs and ended up getting in the bath during it. She just loves baths, can you blame her? I can’t.

On the plus, Mariah has some new music coming out! Hopefully they are bops!

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Demi Lovato Might Be Quitting Twitter & Instagram

So Demi and Mariah Carey got into a weird petty feud on Instagram. Demi said that Mariah picks fights with women for no reason, she mostly meant she picks on Jennifer Lopez, who Demi is friends with? I honestly didn’t report it because I didn’t totally get it. I also didn’t care that much. We all know that Mariah is a mess but we love her for it.

Demi wanted to stand up for what she thought was right when in reality, she didn’t need to get in the middle of the J.Lo and Mariah feud that has been going on for years.

So I am assuming that people have been dragging her on Twitter and Instagram, but I don’t think that she will totally quit. She secretly loves social media and we all know it.

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Did Nick Cannon Really Challenge Eminem To A Rap Battle?

HNHH– Nick Cannon is challenging rappers to come battle him for $100,000. His desired opponent: Eminem. Nick Cannon has been working his way back into the rap game, contributing a couple of songs to the “Chi-Raq” soundtrack and, more recently, teaming up with rapper ImAMovie as the NCredible Gang. He’s so confident in his mic skills, in fact, that he’s willing to challenge the game’s very best — most notably Eminem — for a lot of money. During a recent interview with British DJ Tim Westwood, Cannon announced that he plans to host a rap battle around the time of the BET Awards (June 26), with each competitor putting forth $100,000. He wants Eminem to be first in line. If Eminem accepts the challenge (which he almost positively won’t), it’ll be a continuation of a years-old rivalry that was most heated in the late ’00s and early ’10s. Mariah Carey provoked Em with “Obsessed,” and he came back with a ruthless diss track, “The Warning,” that, by extension, was of great offense to Nick Cannon, Carey’s husband at the time. A year later, Cannon responded with a diss track of his own that didn’t quite garner the same attention as “The Warning.” When Westwood asked him about their feud, Cannon didn’t seem to relay any animosity, though he affirmed that he’s still looking to go toe-to-toe with Em in the rap arena. “I’m still ready!” he exclaimed. “I’m trying to find him. Where is he?”

Is Nick Cannon crazy? Nick Cannon, the host of ‘America’s Got Talent’ and ‘Wild N Out’ wants to rap battle Eminem? Arguably one of the best rappers of all time. Before you get mad, I said one, not THE best rapper of all time.

If you forgot, Eminem and Nick Cannon have a weird feud over Mariah Carey who Eminem dated? Maybe? They had a thing, and then he hated her after their little thing went south. It is truly one of the strangest celebrity feuds of all time, but Mariah dissed Eminem, then Eminem dissed Mariah and Nick, and then he left it at that. Nothing more was said.

Can you imagine this though? Eminem would absolutely bury Nick. Is that even a question? Eminem can say like 500 words in a minute, Nick’s head would spin.

There is no chance in hell that Eminem would take this offer, at least I don’t think there is. He rarely does public appearances and I highly doubt he would chance that so he could be on a show with Nick Cannon.

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Let’s Talk About Why Kesha Is So Important Right Now

If you weren’t aware Kesha is currently in a heated court battle against famed producer Dr.Luke. Kesha is currently fighting for her freedom to be released from Sony so she no longer has to work with a producer who has allegedly drugged and raped the singer. Not only that, but he had allegedly emotionally abused her as well, telling her that she is the size of a fridge, among other things. Dr.Luke’s camp has denied all of these claims stating that Kesha is simply trying to extort a producer who worked hard to make her a pop superstar.

On Friday (Feb. 19th) a judge denied Kesha’s plead to be released from her contract. The judge stated that she could easily stay with Sony and work with a different producer.

There is a lot that can be said here. People can say whatever they would like about Kesha and her brand, how she represents herself but let me say one thing. Rape is never okay. A girl could be walking down a city street naked, that doesn’t make it okay for her to be raped. The system is not helping Kesha with this, if anything they are letting Kesha down.

In my personal opinion this is just another way that a man of power is able to use that power to harm a woman.

Let’s put it this way, Zayn Malik no longer wanted to be in One Direction because he didn’t feel passionate about the music anymore. Guess what happened? He was released from his record contract no problem. There was no abuse noted, he just simply didn’t want to be in the band anymore. Do you see how crazy that sounds?

It blows my mind how the industry handles different cases when it comes to women and men. There is absolutely no reason why Chris Brown should still be allowed to create music after what happened to Rihanna. It wasn’t Chris’ career that was on the line, he simply had to stay in the shadows for about a year then make a comeback. Rihanna’s career was basically on the line after the assault too, all eyes were on her and if she would be able to continue being a strong female for the media. She did, but her career was put in jeopardy far more than Chris’ was. If it wasn’t that assault then it was the media spectacle that took place using Britney and Mariah’s public breakdowns. Let’s talk about how no one had compassion for Whitney and Amy until their untimely deaths.

This case is just another example of how this specific industry is run. It shows of the public treats female artists that suffer from physical abuse, emotional abuse, mental health issues, just to name a few issues that they are faced with that somehow becomes the media’s business. Not the media’s business to help them, but the media’s business to follow their every move to make sure that they have pictures of every single part of the spiral down.

How many more women need to be harmed in order for this to stop? This is much larger than the music industry too, this is from any job sector.

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Derek Jeter Confirms He Is Engaged To Hannah Davis!

Yeahhh Jeets, there you go confirming that you are no longer one of the hottest bachelors out there! Jeter is going to be a married man! Well, maybe not right now but in time he is going to be a married man and to a supermodel, can you believe it? Yes, yes you can believe it and you should believe it because Jeter is a babe and a living legend. Growing up in Boston I could never admit that out loud but now I can because he is retired!

By the way this is how he told the world that he is in fact engaged to Hannah Davis.


Players TribuneAfter I retired, I didn’t expect I’d go from one job right to another. Meet Kane.I had no idea what I was in for as a new dog owner. He was a Christmas gift last year from my fiancée, whose family had Mastiffs growing up. I’ve never owned a pet in my life.Don’t be fooled by his eyes. In his first few weeks home, Kane would look up at me with this suspicious face, like he was trying to say, “Why should I listen to you?”

What a casual way to slip fiancee in there like he wasn’t trying to make it a public thing that yes he is engaged.

In case you have lived under a rock for the past 15 years  or so Jeter has had a serious list of ladies that he has dated. Hannah Davis must be something special or she is pregnant, just kidding kind of.

Anyway for fun here is a list of all the women that Jeter didn’t propose to
-Minka Kelly (on and off from 2008-2012)
-Jessica Biel (a few months between 2006-2007)
-Adriana Lima (Rumored to have dated for a few months in 2006)
-Jessica Alba (2004)
-Vanessa Minnillo (2003-2006)
-Jordana Brewster (2002-2003)
-Mariah Carey (1998)

There is always a small part of me that wishes he and Minka would get back together and have beautiful tan babies. Let’s be real though, Hannah Davis and Jeets will have children with gifted DNA as well.

Also if you don’t understand the “yeah jeets” reference I suggest you look it up.

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